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You can see the effect of this formatting on the output shown in Figure 9-3.
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Int32 Int32 Int32 Int32 Button ComboBox DataGrid
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Insert an item in the cache Insert an item in the cache with a dependency
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Having created an array of validators, we can now use this to create a composite validator. There are two composite validators, the AndCompositeValidator and the Or CompositeValidator. You can combine these as well to create any nested hierarchy of validators you require, with each combination returning a valid result if all (with the AndCompositeValidator) or any (with the OrCompositeValidator) of the validators it contains are valid. The example creates an OrCompositeValidator, which will return true (valid) if the validated string is either null or contains exactly five characters. Then it validates a null value and an invalid string, passing into the Validate method the existing ValidationResults instance.
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Local System Network Service Local System
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The final statistics required for your basic application are the average number of words per sentence and the average number of sentences per paragraph. You already have the
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Changing Namespace Referral Settings
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4 error case
Table-Driven Methods
Note Just a reminder that if you re unfamiliar with PivotTables, we recommend that you study them in
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stloc.0 ldc.i4.1 stloc.1
Before I start with 2NF, let me point out one common misconception with 1NF. You ll often read about repeating group of columns. Take, for example, the Employees table design shown in Figure 3-11.
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Basic Authentication requires the client to send its user name and password in the HTTP request to the server. Although the password is encoded using Base64 encoding, this is only to allow exotic characters to be successfully passed in the password. Base64 is an easily
2 Setup and Common Tasks
Click the notification area s Network icon and then click Connect To A Network to display a dialog box similar to the one shown in Figure 12-5. (If you re already connected to one wireless network and you want to switch to another, click Connect Or Disconnect.) Select the network to which you want to connect, and then click the Connect button to join the network.
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