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To create a new report for a Data Collector Set, type perfmon / report Data_Collector_Set_name at a command prompt. Type perfmon /report without any other parameters to generate the System Diagnostics report.
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6. Modify the include/app_top.php file to include a reference to the Catalog business tier class: < php // Include utility files require_once 'include/config.php'; require_once BUSINESS_DIR . 'error_handler.php'; // Sets the error handler ErrorHandler::SetHandler(); // Load the page template require_once PRESENTATION_DIR . 'page.php'; // Load the database handler require_once BUSINESS_DIR . 'database_handler.php'; // Load Business Tier require_once BUSINESS_DIR . 'catalog.php'; > 7. Make the following modification in presentation/templates/index.tpl to load the newly created departments_list componentized template. Search for the following code: <div class="left_box"> Place list of departments here </div> and replace it with this: {include file="departments_list.tpl"} 8. Examine the result of your work with your favorite browser by loading http://localhost/hatshop/ index.php (refer to Figure 3-14). Play a little with the page to see what happens when you click on a department or place the mouse over a link.
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Windows Media Player, Windows Photo Gallery, and Windows Explorer are tightly integrated, so that you can easily manipulate your library in either context. If you rename, move, or delete a media le in Windows Explorer, Windows Media Player dutifully records the change in the media library database (and the Windows Photo Gallery, if necessary); you shouldn t have to rebuild or edit your library in any way. If you delete an item using Windows Explorer, the item will remain in your library. In addition, the Details tab of the Properties dialog box for any media le contains metadata stored within that le. With rare exceptions, you can edit the information stored here by clicking in the eld on the Details tab and adding, deleting, or changing the value stored there. Any changes you make here are re ected immediately in the library database and in Windows Photo Gallery. The fact that you can edit metadata in Windows Explorer doesn t mean you should. In general, we recommend that you use Windows Media Player or Windows Photo Gallery
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Naming conventions help you make more intuitive designs and write clearer code. Your choice of convention is not as important as choosing a convention and using it consistently; I do not want to force a particular one on you. Conventions are a matter of history, taste, system limitations, and so on. Database designers tend to get really passionate about naming conventions. I like the predicate-and-propositions approach to the meaning of relations. For example, I am repeating the proposition I already mentioned: The employee with ID number 17 is named Fernando, works in department D1, and was hired on July 19th, 2003. I suggest that you should always be able to re-create the predicates and the propositions. A tuple that represents this proposition is written in a relation with values only, like (17, Fernando, D1, 2003-07-19). It is easy to recreate this proposition if its predicate, i.e. table structure, has meaningful names for table itself and for columns, like Employees(EmployeeId, EmployeeName, DepartmentId, HireDate). However, if the table and the columns would be named Table1(column1, column2, column3, column4). In short, you should be able to read your database. This makes it simpler to determine whether your database serves your business problem well and whether your data is in accordance with business rules. It also makes it much simpler to familiarize a new programmer with the database design and makes the task of data interchange with other systems easier. The only naming convention I really do not like for a relational database is the one called Hungarian notation, in which you use pre xes to denote object types. Hungarian notation uses names like tblEmployees for an employee table and vwCustomerOrders for a customer orders view; such names contradict the principle of interchangeability, which is one of the most important principles in the relational model.
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Part III
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Figure 12-3. Adding the new class to the project
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13 Managing Shared Folders and Printers
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16 seconds to 47 milliseconds. Such a drop in run time is common when tuning indexes in an environment with poor index design. When done, drop the last index you created: DROP INDEX dbo.Orders.idx_unc_oid_i_od_cid_eid_sid;
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The Heart of the Problem
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Windows Support Tools includes a command-line utility called DNSLint whose main function is to help resolve faulty delegations such as this. DNSLint can also be used to verify DNS records used for Active Directory replication and to search for various record types on multiple DNS servers.
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of the Bars 1 to Bars 4 worksheets will be discussed in the following sections . The models of the remaining worksheets will not be discussed and are intended for experiments at will .
your users will import a chart. Although this approach works fine, the chart would be imported as a personal chart and would not be available for solution export.
For information on using Windows Media Center to play DVDs, see Using Media Center s 10-Foot Interface, 19 .
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