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Figure 1-30 Trendline (16), error bars (17) and up/down bars (18)
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Client D
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internal sealed class AsyncCoordinator { private Int32 m_opCount = 1; // Decremented by AllBegun private Int32 m_statusReported = 0; // 0=false, 1=true private Action<CoordinationStatus> m_callback; private Timer m_timer; // This method MUST be called BEFORE calling a BeginXxx method public void AboutToBegin(Int32 opsToAdd = 1) { Interlocked.Add(ref m_opCount, opsToAdd); } // This method MUST be called AFTER calling an EndXxx method public void JustEnded() { if (Interlocked.Decrement(ref m_opCount) == 0) ReportStatus(CoordinationStatus.AllDone); } // This method MUST be called AFTER calling ALL BeginXxx methods public void AllBegun(Action<CoordinationStatus> callback, Int32 timeout = Timeout.Infinite) { m_callback = callback; if (timeout != Timeout.Infinite) m_timer = new Timer(TimeExpired, null, timeout, Timeout.Infinite); JustEnded(); } private void TimeExpired(Object o) { ReportStatus(CoordinationStatus.Timeout); } public void Cancel() { ReportStatus(CoordinationStatus.Cancel); } private void ReportStatus(CoordinationStatus status) { // If status has never been reported, report it; else ignore it if (Interlocked.Exchange(ref m_statusReported, 1) == 0) m_callback(status); } }
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, 2002, Pocket PC 2003
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Applications and Their Threading Models
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Effects of /platform on Resulting Module and at Runtime
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Home Basic Home Premium Ultimate Business Enterprise
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// Object to invoke member on // Arguments to pass to method // Culture used by some binders
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20 Exceptions and State Management
Windows Security Fundamentals
FigURE 8-12 The web event data displayed in the Event Viewer.
FIGURE 20-14 Providing a name for the new GPO
Test connectivity and permissions
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Strings in C
Elements of Dynamization
Plant ideas for what you want to do, and then wait for your manager to have a brainstorm (your idea) about doing what you want to do. Educate your manager about the right way to do things. This is an ongoing job because managers are often promoted, transferred, or fired. Focus on your manager s interests, doing what he or she really wants you to do, and don t distract your manager with unnecessary implementation details. (Think of it as encapsulation of your job.) Refuse to do what your manager tells you, and insist on doing your job the right way. Find another job.
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