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U4 =rB1.IndicatorInChart&" / " &OFFSET(rL1.PeriodHeader,rL1.PeriodSel+1,0)
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Executing Commands from the Operating System
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Listing 6 2. The delegate responsible for drawing a single list item import QtQuick 1.0 Item { id: delegate width: delegate.ListView.view.width; height: 60 Text { text: title.replace(",","\n").replace(",","\n") color: delegate.ListView.isCurrentItem "white" : "black" font { family: "Helvetica"; pixelSize: 16; bold: true } anchors { left: parent.left; leftMargin: 15 verticalCenter: parent.verticalCenter } } Rectangle { width: delegate.width; height: 1; color: "#cccccc" anchors.bottom: delegate.bottom visible: delegate.ListView.isCurrentItem false : true } Rectangle { width: delegate.width; height: 1; color: "white" visible: delegate.ListView.isCurrentItem false : true } MouseArea { anchors.fill: delegate onClicked: { delegate.ListView.view.currentIndex = index delegate.ListView.view.text = "<b><center>" + title.replace(",","\n").replace(",","\n") + "</center></b><br/>" + summary } } }
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Installing Terminal Services Role
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(CSEs) because they are usually the result of a bug in the CLR itself or in some native code for which the managed developer has no control over . By default, the CLR will not let managed code catch these exceptions and finally blocks will not execute . Here is the list of native Win32 exceptions that are considered CSEs:
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Configure IAS to provide authentication for Routing And Remote Access clients
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figure 6 a-Expense on Windows Azure
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One important thing to remember about Web applications is that there is at best a very tenuous connection between the client browser and the server while the user is interacting within a single page. The lack of a constant connection is actually a feature of the HTTP protocol. Because the client and server are not coupled during most of the time a Web application is in use, a single server can support hundreds of users at a time. A model of a Web application is shown in Figure 7-1.
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Active Directory is the central resource for maintaining and controlling all access to your network, including site-to-site VPN connections. code 128 barcode
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string name = HttpContext.Current.User.Identity.Name;
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Choosing Authentication Protocols
help dir | more
The RegionManager can create regions in code or in XAML. The RegionManager. RegionName attached property is used to create a region in XAML by applying the attached property to the host control. Applications can contain one or more instances of a RegionManager. You can specify the RegionManager instance into which you want to register the region. This is useful if you want to move the control around in the visual tree and do not want the region to be cleared when the attached property value is removed. The RegionManager provides a RegionContext attached property that permits its regions to share data. Region Implementation A region is a class that implements the IRegion interface. The term region represents a container that can hold dynamic data that is presented in a UI. A region allows the Prism Library to place dynamic content contained in modules in predefined placeholders in a UI container. Regions can hold any type of UI content. A module can contain UI content presented as a user control, a data type that is associated with a data template, a custom control, or any combination of these. This lets you define the appearance for the UI areas and then have modules place content in these predetermined areas. A region can contain zero or more items. Depending on the type of host control the region is managing, one or more of the items could be visible. For example, a ContentControl can display only a single object. However, the region in which it is located can contain many items, and an ItemsControl can display multiple items. This allows each item in the region to be visible on the UI. In the following illustration, the Stock Trader RI shell contains four regions: Main Region, MainToolbarRegion, ResearchRegion, and ActionRegion. These regions are populated by the various modules in the application the content can be changed at any time.
In Ruby, data is generally considered to be tainted if it comes from an external source, or if Ruby otherwise has no way of establishing whether it is safe. For example, data collected from the command line could be unsafe, so it s considered tainted. Data read from external files or over a network connection is also tainted. However, data that is hard-coded into the program, such as string literals, is considered to be untainted. Consider a simple program that illustrates why checking for tainted data can be crucial: while x = gets puts "=> #{eval(x)}" end This code acts like a miniature version of irb. It accepts line after line of input from the user and immediately executes it: 10+2 => 12 "hello".length => 5
Finalizing and Launching the Site
Configuring and Managing Remote Access
Figure 5-5 Members of object groups can also be handled as a single object
When I prepared the sample data for this chapter s demonstrations, I didn t need to re ect a speci c production system, so preparing sample data was fairly simple. I needed it mainly for the Tuning Methodology and Index Tuning sections. I could express most of my points through simple random distribution of the different attributes that were relevant to our discussions. But our main data table, Orders, does not accurately re ect an average production Orders table. For example, I produced a fairly even distribution of values in the different attributes, while typically in production systems, different attributes have different types of distribution (some uniform, some standard). Some customers place many orders, and others place few. Some customers are also more active during certain periods of time and less active during others. Depending on your tuning needs, you might or might not need to re ect such things in your sample data, but you de nitely need to consider them and decide whether they do matter. When you need large tables with sample data, the easiest thing to do is to generate some small table and duplicate its content (save the key columns) many times. This can be ne if, for example, you want to test the performance of a user-de ned function invoked against every row or a cursor manipulation iterating through many rows. But such sample data in some cases can yield completely different performance than what you would get with sample data that more adequately re ects your production data. To demonstrate this, I ll walk you through an example that I cover in much more depth in Inside T-SQL Programming. I often give this exercise in class and ask students to prepare a large amount of sample data without giving any hints.
Connection Point Services
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