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You need to quickly make an emotional connection with an audience in order to motivate them, and you can see the speci c words that do that in Act I, where you write out the classical elements of a strong story beginning. The rst ve headlines you write in Act I of the story template will connect emotionally with an audience, de ne a problem they face, and explain how they can solve it. This forms the story thread that will carry attention through the entire presentation. You will reinforce the strength of the thread to carry new information through the working memory of your audience by applying a familiar pattern in the form of a verbal and visual motif, or recurring theme. After you complete Act I and the rest of the story template, you will import these ve headlines into your PowerPoint presentation, where each statement becomes the headline of a PowerPoint slide, as shown in Figure 3-6.
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When you apply the SerializableAttribute custom attribute to a type, all instance fields (public, private, protected, and so on) are serialized .1 However, a type may define some instance fields that should not be serialized . In general, there are two reasons why you would not want some of a type s instance fields to be serialized:
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previous example, but the code the compiler generates is identical to the code generated in the previous example.
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Discovering a Type s Interfaces
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When a DHCP server uses a given scope to assign addresses to clients on the local network, the server itself needs to be assigned an address that is compatible with that scope. For example, if a scope distributes addresses within the range to the local network segment, the DHCP server interface facing that segment must be assigned a static address within the same range.
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Starting and Stopping Services
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I d like to thank Bente and Jorge Mindyk for providing the Norwegian and Spanish translations, and Kathy Cox for the German translation. The Norwegian translation is literally Good Day World, which Bente assures me is more likely what a Norwegian would say.
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FIGURE 7-8 The warning message generated during network reconfiguration
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New Format, New Flexibility
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Figure 11-2: Virtual teams for non-functional testing. A combination of these two approaches is also common. There might be a dedicated team for an area such as security or performance, while virtual teams take on areas like usability and accessibility. Numerous resources describe various types of non-functional testing. In this chapter, I do not attempt to discuss every single type of non-functional testing used at Microsoft. Instead, I highlight a few of the areas of non-functional testing where Microsoft has solutions that represent something interesting in innovation, approach, or scale.
Controller actions
Primitive Thread Synchronization Constructs
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As we stress throughout the book, proper planning is fundamen-
8 Entity Customization: Views and Charts
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