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for i = 0 to MAX_ENTRIES-1 do ...
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Security and predictability A class must protect its own state and not allow itself to ever become corrupted . When a class is unsealed, a derived class can access and manipulate the base class s state if any data fields or methods that internally manipulate fields are accessible and not private . In addition, a virtual method can be overridden by a derived class, and the derived class can decide whether to call the base class s implementation . By making a method, property, or event virtual, the base class is giving up some control over its behavior and its state . Unless carefully thought out, this can cause the object to behave unpredictably, and it opens up potential security holes .
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Compilations, Recompilations, and Reuse of execution Plans
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Understanding the Application Navigation
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Figure 4-1 Windows flags some potential compatibility problems and recommends solutions before you install.
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Setting a Logon Password
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What Is a SQL*Plus Script
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Declarative Statement Syntax
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Part III
The current playlist appears in the List pane at the right of the Player window. (If the List pane isn t visible in the Library window, click the arrow beneath Now Playing on the Player Taskbar and then click Show List Pane; this menu choice is a toggle that you can also use to hide the List pane if it s currently showing.) Use the Navigation bar, the Search box, or another Playlist to choose which tracks you want to include, and then use any of the following techniques to create a custom playlist:
Ask yourself, What s new Be suspicious of newly installed hardware and software. If you added a device recently, remove it temporarily and see whether the problem goes away. Take an especially close look at software in the categories that install services or file-system filter drivers these hook into the core operating system files that manage the file system to perform tasks such as scanning for viruses. This category includes backup programs, multimedia applications, antivirus software, and CD-burning utilities. You may need to permanently uninstall or update the program to resolve the problem. Search the Knowledge Base Make a note of the error code and all parameters. Search the Knowledge Base using both the full and short formats. For instance, if you re experiencing a KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED error, use 0x1E and 0x0000001E as your search keywords. Check your system BIOS carefully Is an update available from the manufacturer of the system or motherboard Check the BIOS documentation carefully; resetting all BIOS options to their defaults can sometimes resolve an issue caused by overtweaking. Are you low on system resources Stop errors are sometimes the result of a critical shortage of RAM or disk space. If you can start in Safe Mode, check the amount of physical RAM installed and look at the system and boot drives to see how much free disk space is available. You may be able to free space by running the Disk Cleanup utility, as described in Managing Disk Space, 20. Is a crucial system file damaged To reinstall a driver, restart your computer, press F8, and start Windows in Safe Mode. In Safe Mode, only core drivers and services are activated. If your system starts in Safe Mode but not normally, you very likely have a problem driver. Try running Device Manager in Safe Mode and uninstalling the most likely suspect. Or run System Restore in Safe Mode. If restoring to a particular day cures the problem, use Reliability Monitor (see Figure 23-4) to determine what changes occurred on or after that day.
Figure 5-6 : The page that appears after clicking Login with both fields blank, and the page targeted at downlevel browsers Figure 5-6 looks a little different from the page that appeared when we clicked Login without targeting downlevel browsers (shown in Figure 5-4). This page contains a message that reads Invalid Credentials: Please try again . What s significant is that this message comes from the server-side Login_Click function. Because this code has fired, we know that this page was generated after a round-trip to the server. Using a downlevel browser, or targeting your page for a downlevel browser, will result in more round-trips to the server, but in some cases it s worth the cost. Several additional attributes are available for the CompareValidator control. MSDN has the complete documentation, but the Type and Operator attributes can be quite useful so we ll look at these in more detail here. The Type attribute allows you to specify the data type when performing the comparison. The following values are allowed for the Type attribute: String Specifies a string comparison Integer Specifies a whole number numeric comparison Double Specifies a floating-point number comparison
// x is now an integer alert(x.toFixed()); x = new Date(); // x is now a date alert(x.getDay()); } In this example, the variable x represents three different types during the execution of the function: First, it represents an HTML element. When the user types x followed by a period, the code-completion choices will be specific to an HTML element, as shown in Figure 2-1.
On the Business Unit and Subject entities, you can create custom 1:N relationships, but you cannot create custom N:1 or N:N relationships. You cannot create custom self-referencing relationships on the Business Unit and Subject entities even though they already include those types of relationships.
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