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Figure 9-9. CruiseControl Metrics view
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# Spidering exclusion file for User-agent: * Disallow: /forum # Don't spider anything in the forum directory Disallow: /clientlist.htm # Don't spider the client list file.
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When the theme is applied to a page, ASP.NET adds a reference to the style sheet to the head element of the page. In the HTML, this reference looks something like the following.
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Lesson 1: Understanding ASP.NET MVC Applications
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You can add comments to SQL commands in order to clarify their intent or to enhance their maintainability. In other words, you can add text that does not formally belong to the SQL statements themselves, and as such should be ignored by the Oracle DBMS. You can add such comments in two ways: between /* and */ or after two consecutive minus signs. Comments after two minus signs are implicitly ended by a newline character; comments between /* and */ can span multiple lines. See Listing 2-1 for two examples. Listing 2-1. SQL Comments Examples /* this text will be considered a comment, so the Oracle DBMS will ignore it ... */ -- and this text too, until the end of this line. Listing 2-1 shows how you can add comments to SQL commands. Note that you can also add comments to database objects with the COMMENT command. See 7 for details.
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Automatic Memory Management (Garbage Collection)
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B. Move all the managers computer accounts into the Design OU.
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After the lead score is calculated, the dialog process will determine the next step for the lead. If the score does not match the required minimum, the dialog process will end. If the minimum score is met, another workflow is kicked off and the lead is assigned to an account manager.
Write code to act as the HTTP handler for a specific file type (in this case, JPG). Configure IIS to pass requests for the required image types to ASP.NET, and configure your ASP.NET application to pass the request to your custom HTTP handler.
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Know this command for the exam.
Then, M1 calls the M2 method, passing in the name local variable as an argument . This causes the address in the name local variable to be pushed on the stack (see Figure 4-4) . Inside the M2 method, the stack location will be identified using the parameter variable named s . (Note that some architectures pass arguments via registers to improve performance, but this distinction is not important for this discussion .) Also, when a method is called, the address indicating where the called method should return to in the calling method is pushed on the stack (also shown in Figure 4-4) .
While the exact functions of the search company spiders are closely guarded industrial secrets, you can get an idea about how a spider will view your site by spidering it yourself. There are several free web spiders that you can use to scan and analyze your web site. One popular spider is the Java-based, open source Pavuk Web Spider and Performance Measure, which is available on SourceForge at If you re operating on the Windows platform, you might try Xenu s Link Sleuth, available at Xenu will quickly and completely spider your web site and provide you a variety of information about the site (see Figure 12-8). This utility is very useful because it will show you any problems with your site, including broken links and missing graphics files. The program will generate a report of all the broken links on the pages of the site. One of the most useful columns in the Xenu report is the Duration column, which reveals how long it took to retrieve the linked file. By looking at the retrieval duration times, you can see which pages (and perhaps which Joomla extensions on specific pages) are slowing down access to site information. The program will also generate an excellent report of the general content of the web site. At the bottom of the report, a summary will be made that appears something like this:
generic Interfaces
In cases where the scan skips a row, this code returns three rows in the output:
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