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Two additional and well-hidden Windows commands are crucial to the operation of the Check Disk utility . The first of these, Autochk .exe, runs automatically any time you specify that you want to schedule a disk check to run at startup; it cannot be run interactively . The second, Chkntfs, is especially useful if you change your mind and decide you want to cancel a scheduled check . At a command prompt, type chkntfs /x d: (where d is red: placed by a drive letter) to exclude the drive specified . Chkntfs has another nifty trick: It can tell you whether a disk is dirty . At a command prompt, simply type chkntfs d: . For d: . more details about these commands, see Knowledge Base article 218461, Description of Enhanced Chkdsk, Autochk, and Chkntfs Tools in Windows 2000 (http://www.vista(http://www.vistaio.com/2001) io.com/2001) and Knowledge Base article 160963, CHKNTFS .EXE: What You Can Use It For (http://www.vista-io.com/2002) . (http://www.vista-io.com/2002) . (http://www.vista-io.com/2002) .
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3. Why are pre-shared keys in IPSec not considered secure
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You can set a password with the other account management tools, but User Accounts is the only tool (along with Ctrl+Alt+Delete, described above) that lets you specify a password hint. The password hint appears after you click your name on the Welcome screen and type your password incorrectly. Be sure your hint is only a subtle reminder not the password itself because any user can click your name and then view the hint.
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Configuring Zone Properties and Transfers
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On the Companion CD Open the file \Samples\0903_Scale02.xlsx on the CD-ROM . Our Italian moments are sometimes more creative than the monotony of our daily life . This feeling was implemented for the Scale 1 worksheet in the file 0903_Scale02.xlsx by means of a more elaborate design (see Figure 9-11) . When you press F9, the heights of the yellow columns that are derived from the default column E (Dare) and the related results from column F (Esito, displayed with orange, horizontal markers) change . These markers are narrower than the columns and can be displayed within the columns, at their upper edge or above the columns .
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Alternatives and Generalizations
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Windows Server 2008 introduces a new feature called Server Manager. Server Manager is your one-stop shop for managing server roles and features installed on your server. A command-line version of Server Manager, named ServerManagerCmd.exe, is also included. You can use ServerManagerCmd.exe to install single roles at a time, or you can provide an answer file (in XML format) to install specific roles, role services, and features. The following command passes an answer file into ServerManagerCmd.exe: servermanagercmd -inputpath answer_file.xml The following code is the XML answer file that you can use to install the role services and features required by WSUS:
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Important I know that this can be very confusing, so let me summarize it as a simple rule:
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/* Class that extends Smarty, used to process and display Smarty files */ class Page extends Smarty { // Class constructor public function __construct() { // Call Smarty's constructor parent::Smarty(); // Change the default template directories $this->template_dir = TEMPLATE_DIR; $this->compile_dir = COMPILE_DIR; $this->config_dir = CONFIG_DIR; } } > In page.php, you extend the Smarty class with a wrapper class named Page, which changes Smarty s default behavior. The Page class configures in its constructor the Smarty folders you created earlier.
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Other Certificate EAP type.
An Example of ASP.NET Form Validation In the discussion of forms authentication in 4, Listing 4-6 showed a simple login page that allowed entry of a user s e-mail address and password, to be compared with a hard-coded set of acceptable values. Listing 5-1 shows this same form. Listing 5-1 Login.aspx, a login page
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