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Both HttpChannel and TcpChannel offer the same overloaded constructors as detailed in Table 15-2.
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C# offers some special syntax to help you enter literal strings into the source code . For special characters such as new lines, carriage returns, and backspaces, C# uses the escape mechanism familiar to C/C++ developers:
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Table 3-4
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Puzzle 11: Same Birthday
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<%@ control language="C# classname="MyFavorites"%> <asp:datasetdatasource runat="server id="Source readonly="False" datafile="Favorites.xml /> <asp:datalist id="DataList1 runat="server datasourceid="Source"> <headertemplate> <b>My Current Favorite List</b><hr size="1"> </headertemplate> <itemtemplate> <table> <tr> <td valign="top style="WIDTH: 80%"><b> <a runat="server id="TitleLabel href= <%# Eval( Url ) %> > <%# Eval( Title ) %></a></b> </td></tr> <tr> <td colspan="2"> <asp:label id="DescriptionLabel runat="server font-names="verdana font-size="8pt" text= <%# Eval( Description ) %> ></asp:label> </td></tr> </table> </itemtemplate> </asp:datalist>
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You can provide a more efficient solution for this problem by using ranking calculations . First create a view called SalesRN with row numbers assigned to the rows from Sales based on the order of mnth:
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As text.txt is a relative filename, it converts it to an absolute filename and references the current working directory.
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custid ----------1 2 custid ----------NULL NULL custid ----------1 2 companyname ---------------------------------------NULL NULL companyname ---------------------------------------Customer NRZBB Customer MLTDN companyname ---------------------------------------Customer NRZBB Customer MLTDN
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In 4, you used the File class to open a text file so you could read in the contents for your program to process. The File class is used as an abstraction to access and handle file objects that can be accessed from a Ruby program. The File class lets you write to both plain text and binary files (there s not really an inherent difference they re both just sets of data) and offers a collection of methods to make handling files easy.
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As you ve seen in earlier examples, the Logging block allows you to check if logging is enabled before you create and write a log entry. You can avoid the additional load that this places on your application if logging is not enabled. However, even when logging is enabled, there is no guarantee that a specific log entry will be written to the target log store. For example, it may be blocked by a priority filter if the message priority is below a specified level, or it may belong only to one or more categories where the relevant category filter(s) have logging disabled (a common scenario in the case of logging code specifically designed only for debugging use).
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Once again, you ve reached the stage where you wrap up all the data tier and business tier functionality and package it into a nice-looking UI. The presentation tier consists of the admin_order_details componentized template. Let s create this componentized template in the following exercise.
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Simple Deadlock Example
TCP/IP provides the networking foundation for Windows networks and for the Internet. TCP includes the internet-layer protocols ARP, IP, and ICMP, and the transport-layer protocols TCP and UDP. Host IP addresses need to be unique on every IP network. The first part of an IP address is always used as a network address or network ID, and the last part is used as a host address or host ID.
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