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Table 6-1 : Execution Life Cycle of an ASP.NET Control Phase Control Duties common to all requests, such as opening database connections. When the Load event takes place, server controls are created and initialized, state has been restored, and form controls reflect client-side changes. Send postback change notifications Raises change events in response to state changes between the current and previous postbacks. As with the process postback data phase, this phase occurs only for controls that implement the IPostBackDataHan dler event. Handles the clientside event that caused the postback and raises appropriate events on the server. As with the process postback data phase, this phase occurs only for controls that implement the IPostBackDataHan dler event. Performs any changes required before the control is rendered. Rendering a control means writing out the HTML that will create the control on the client s browser. Changes to state made here will be saved, RaisePostDataChangedEvent method Method or Event to Override
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SQL*Plus is a tool used to enter SQL commands and display the output. It is provided with every Oracle installation, whether on Windows or Unix. It is a command line interface and supports editing, user input, and report formatting.
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public event EventHandler<NewMailEventArgs> NewMail;
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In Figure 3-8 you can see a directory that has both inherited ACEs and noninherited ones. The Inherited From column shows where they came from. The Apply To column shows how they are propagated further. The first ACE, for SYSTEM, is apparently only for folders. There is a Full Control ACE for SYSTEM that is also inherited further. This apparent redundancy is quite common in ACLs. In addition, you see two check boxes at the bottom of Figure 3-8. Those can be thought of as dynamic representations of ACL flags from Table 3-1. Include Inheritable Permissions From This Object s Parent causes all inheritable permissions to be propagated to this object. If this flag is not checked, it is equivalent to setting the P flag in the security descriptor. The second check box, Replace All Existing Inheritable Permissions, does not represent any flag. It simply causes permissions to be re-inherited. Some tools interpret use of the AI flag from Table 3-1 the same way, notably the Security Configuration Editor (SCE). Therefore, if you need to use Group Policy to trigger inheritance propagation on some object or container, you can use the AI flag, with no other ACEs specified in a security template. Figure 3-9 shows another way ACL UI surfaces the inheritance behavior. The inheritance behavior of the ACE is set at creation time. The drop-down menu for Apply To in Figure 3-9 represents combinations of the inheritance flags we have seen before, as shown in Table 3-5.
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defaultCache.Add(DemoCacheKeys[0], new Product(10, Exciting Thing", "Useful for everything"), CacheItemPriority.Low, new MyCacheRefreshAction(), new SlidingTime(new TimeSpan(0, 0, 3)));
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Naturally you will get beautiful plans, because each procedure has only the relevant part in the filter . Subsequent invocations of each procedure can also reuse a previously cached plan . So in terms of performance, this solution is pretty good . Because the solution relies on static code, there s no exposure to SQL injection . However, this solution is a nightmare in terms of maintenance .
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It is now recommended that these delegate types be used wherever possible instead of developers defining even more delegate types in their code . This reduces the number of types in the system and also simplifies coding . However, you might have to define your own delegate if you need to pass an argument by reference using the ref or out keyword: generate data matrix
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change logs for files and folders. Shadow copies are also created by the Windows Backup program (for more details, see Using the Windows Backup Program, 20). If you perform regular periodic backups, you have the Backup program s shadow copies as well as those created by System Protection.
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Dial-up remote access client 555-0111 Remote access server Internet T3 link Contoso, LTD intranet VPN server
Back up the Collections database
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This is very useful for your testing purposes, but may also be helpful in real life . I always use such constructions when I create an evaluation model for a survey or data collection and no actual data is available yet . Naturally, you can already define in the preparation phase how something is supposed to look, including all formal consequences . Such activities include identifying deficiencies of a model and developing solutions . A general deficiency of the 100 percent chart is that it can t satisfy viewers desire to see the underlying absolute values . However, there are many ways to compensate for this . An additional presentation of data in a table may be help, but that s not very creative and can be quite confusing . Let's now take a closer look at the Scale 2 worksheet, with reference to Figure 9-9 . I ve already mentioned a specific difficulty with presentation of the 100 percent solution described here: the absolute values of the set values in column G may be different . You can use labels to solve the problem:
a non-public member and invoke the member allowing application code a way to access private members that a compiler would normally prohibit the code from accessing . However, reflection uses code access security (CAS) to ensure that its power isn t abused or exploited . When you call a method to bind to a member, the CLR first checks to see whether the member you re trying to bind to would be visible to you at compile time . If it would be, the bind is successful . If the member wouldn t normally be accessible to you, the method demands the System.Security.Permissions.ReflectionPermission permission, checking to see whether the System.Security.Permissions.ReflectionPermissionFlags s TypeInformation bit is set . If this flag is set, the method will bind to the member . If the demand fails, a System.Security.SecurityException is thrown . When you call a method to invoke a member, the method performs the same kind of check that it would when binding to a member . But this time, it checks whether the ReflectionPermission has ReflectionPermissionFlag s MemberAccess bit set . If the bit is set, the member is invoked; otherwise, a SecurityException is thrown . Of course, if your assembly has full-trust, security checks are assumed to be successful allowing binding and invoking to just work . However, you should never, ever use reflection to access any of a type s undocumented members because a future version of the assembly may easily break your code .
3 . . Change the rendering method to print palindromes in blue and nonpalindromes in red . The RenderContent method takes a single parameter of type HtmlTextWriter . In addition to allowing you to stream text to the browser, HtmlTextWriter is full of other very useful features you will see shortly . For now, you can treat it very much like Response. Write . Whatever you send through the Write method ends up at the client s browser .
TABLE 4-10
Code coverage 65% code coverage 75% code coverage measured and reports available Priority 1 stress tests running nightly Full stress suite running nightly on at least 200 computers Full stress suite running nightly on at least 500 computers with no uninvestigated issues
DNS Suffix Search Lists
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