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two blocks appeared sequentially in a layout, for example, the bottom margin of the upper box would not be added to the top margin of the lower box. This would create great chasms of white space between content. Instead, the larger of the two margins is selected and used as a shared single vertical margin.
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Merb: The Missing Framework
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The Microsoft AJAX Library provides support for enumerations. These enumerations are simply named integer values. Like enumerations in other languages (C# and Visual Basic included), enumerations provide a more readable and maintainable coding style. You define an enumeration the same way you define a class, by using the prototype property. You then define fields for the class and set their initial value. Finally, you call the registerEnum method of the Type class (which is used to extend the JavaScript library). The following is an example of an enumeration created to define a password s strength.
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2. Select the Ping Capture file, and click Open. The Ping Capture.cap file appears in the Frame Viewer window. 3. In the summary pane, find a frame that lists ICMP under the Protocol heading. 4. Select this ICMP frame. 5. Press Ctrl+C to copy the frame. 6. Open the Notepad utility in Windows. The Untitled Notepad window opens. 7. In the Untitled Notepad window, press Ctrl+V to paste the frame into the new text file. The complete data contents of the copied frame are pasted into the window. Notice how the first line contains all of the fields, in sequence, of the summary pane in the Frame Viewer window. Next, the bulk of the pasted output, about 40 lines, corresponds to the information from the details pane in the Frame Viewer window. Here, all of the details pane information is expanded, and none of the protocol headers are collapsed into a summary form. Finally, the last group of lines of the pasted output represents the hex data from the hexadecimal pane of the Frame Viewer window. 8. In Notepad, press Ctrl+S to save the file. The Save As dialog box appears. 9. Using the navigation buttons and folder icons available within the dialog box, adjust the target folder so that the file will be saved in \Desktop\My Docu ments\My Captures. Do not save the file yet. 10. In the Encoding drop-down list box, select Unicode. 11. In the File Name text box, replace *.txt by typing ICMP frame, and then click Save. 12. Close the ICMP Frame.txt Notepad window. 13. In Network Monitor, from the File menu, select Exit to quit Network Monitor. If you are prompted to save entries in your address database, click No. 14. Log off Computer1.
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Suppose 0x0001000100010001000100010001000100010001 is a dangerous virus signature and you need to nd it if it exists as a substring of gigabyte BLOB (Binary Large Object). Surprisingly, there is an algorithm to search for it that will inspect considerably fewer than all the bytes of the BLOB. Here is the procedure:
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The VaryByHeaders property enables you to cache multiple versions of a page, depending on the value of the HTTP header (or headers) you specify in this example, the header value is SOAPAction. The VaryByParams property, on the other hand, lets you maintain different caches for each set of distinct values of the specified parameters. In this case, using the asterisk (*) indicates that all parameters must be considered when caching a page. Note Under certain conditions, the CacheDurationattribute can constitute a significant improvement for your Web services. Ideally, you might want to set this attribute when your method returns a large amount of data (for example, a DataSet object) but receives quite a few requests distributed throughout the day. The caching mechanism the same mechanism available to all ASP.NET applications lets you distinguish cached copies of the output that are also based on parameters. Under these circumstances, generating a new data set every time the method is called isn't efficient unless, of course, user requirements mandate that you return fresh data. The advantage in performance can be relevant and significant. In my experimentation, I was able to get response times up to 8 times faster, with 2 or 3 times faster being the average.
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on your local computer. However, the question requires you to create the website on a remote computer.
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into the T-SQL language give Service Broker the tight control it needs to manage queues efficiently . This level of control is one of the primary advantages of having Service Broker built into the database . An external process couldn t get the control over query execution and locking that Service Broker uses to optimize queue operations . Service Broker queues store messages in internal tables . Internal tables are just like normal tables except they can t be used in SQL commands because the table name is hidden . To see the name of the internal table used by a Service Broker queue, you can run this query:
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SeSystemProfilePrivilege SeSystemtimePrivilege
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Note To allow other database users to use your type definitions, you must grant them the EXECUTE privilege on those types.
Figure 2-17 When you get to this screen, configure who the object applies to.
Internally, Load causes the CLR to apply a version-binding redirection policy to the assembly and looks for the assembly in the global assembly cache (GAC), followed by the application s base directory, private path subdirectories, and codebase locations . If you call Load passing a weakly named assembly, Load doesn t apply a version-binding redirection policy to the assembly, and the CLR won t look in the GAC for the assembly . If Load finds the specified assembly, it returns a reference to an Assembly object that represents the loaded assembly . If Load fails to find the specified assembly, it throws a System.IO.FileNotFoundException . Note In some extremely rare situations, you may want to load an assembly that was built for
String Expressions
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