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When you first create an ASP.NET MVC application, Visual Studio generates a HomeController class and a Home folder in the Views folder. The HomeController class has two action methods: Index and About. These methods simply return a ViewResult instance. The Index method also adds a message, System.Web.Mvc.ViewDataCollection, to the ViewData collection. These methods look as follows.
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Graphs, Trees, Hierarchies, and Recursive Queries
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Use Strong Passwords and Change Them at a Reasonable Interval
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Registration Files The Registration Files option creates a .reg file, a text file that can be read and edited in Notepad or another similar program. A .reg file can be merged into the registry of a system running Windows Vista, Windows XP, or Windows 2000. When you merge a .reg file, its keys and values replace the corresponding keys and values in the registry. Using .reg files allows you to edit your registry off line and add your changes to the registry without even opening Registry Editor. You can also use .reg files as an easy way to share and copy registry settings to other computers. For details, see Using .Reg Files to Automate Registry Changes, in this chapter. Registry Hive Files The registry hive format saves a binary image of a selected portion of the registry. You won t be able to read the resulting file (choose one of the text-file options if that s what you need to do), but if you need to restore the keys you ve worked on, you can be confident that this format will do the job correctly. Registry hive file is the format of choice if you want to create a backup before working in Registry Editor. That s because when you import a registry hive file, it restores the entire hive to exactly the way it was when you saved it. (The .reg file types, when merged, restore all the saved keys and values to their original locations, which repairs all deletions and edits. But the process does not remove any keys or values that you added.) Note, however, that a registry hive file has the potential to do the greatest damage if you import it to the wrong key; see the caution in the following section.
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The vast majority of web applications, e-commerce web sites being no exception, live around the data they manage. Analyzing and understanding the data you need to store and process is an essential step in successfully completing your project. The typical data storage solution for this kind of application is a relational database. However, this is not a requirement you have the freedom to create your own data access layer and have whatever kind of data structures you want to support your application.
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<Project xmlns=""> <PropertyGroup> <SourceRoot>$(MSBuildProjectDirectory)\TestProjects\</SourceRoot> </PropertyGroup> <ItemGroup> <BuildFile Include="$(SourceRoot)TestProj1.sln" /> <Config Include="Debug configuration"> <Configuration>Debug</Configuration> </Config> <Config Include="Release configuration"> <Configuration>Release</Configuration> </Config> </ItemGroup> <Target Name="BuildAll" Outputs="%(Config.Configuration)"> <Message Text="Start building for configuration: %(Config.Configuration)" /> <MSBuild Projects="@(BuildFile)" Properties="Configuration=%(Config.Configuration)" Targets="Rebuild" /> </Target> </Project>
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type . This value isn t particularly useful, but it is a reasonable default for the many types that can t offer a sensible string . For example, what should a string representation of a FileStream or a Hashtable object look like All types that want to offer a reasonable way to obtain a string representing the current value of the object should override the ToString method . All base types built into the FCL (Byte, Int32, UInt64, Double, and so on) override their ToString method and return a culturally aware string . In the Visual Studio debugger, a datatip is displayed when the mouse is placed over a particular variable . The text shown in the datatip is obtained by calling the object s ToString method . So, when you define a class, you should always override the ToString method so that you get good debugging support .
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FIGURE 7-2 Single-NIC configuration for SBS 2003
A. Incorrect: Private properties are never available from other objects. B. Correct: You can access public properties from a content page. For example, you can
Live Preview shows you what the result of your choice will look like before you actually
The System Con guration Checker examines the computer for possible installation problems. After it runs, select Show Details to see the rules and results as shown in Figure 24-6.
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Toggle between timeline and
The byline of the story template is important because it names the person who is responsible for the story s successful delivery: the presenter. In many organizations, PowerPoint les will pass through many hands as they re being developed, and ownership can easily become lost or unclear. The impact of these presentations diminishes because they are disconnected from the real names and faces of the people who will stand at the podium. Many people can contribute to a presentation, but only one person will ultimately make the presentation. The byline at the top of the story template makes it clear at all times who is behind the slides and whose reputation and credibility are on the line.
Automatic Memory Management (Garbage Collection)
The new Publish command in the File menu enables you to create a document workspace for the current document, share the document on a document management server (such as Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007), or post the document as an entry on your blog.
The .NET Framework doesn't provide equivalent functionality for this package.
In 1999, the Test Architect title was created for senior ICs with product-wide impact. The Test Architect title reflects the broad product impact role the SDET is working in, whereas the more common Senior, Principle, or Partner SDET titles are used when an individual focuses on features of a product. An important point to keep in mind in this discussion is that a Test Architect is a role and not a position. Although there is definitely a path for a senior tester to become a Test Architect, not all senior testers become Test Architects. An organization will generally choose to create a role for a Test Architect when there is sufficient business need or strategic requirement to do so. You will also see senior testers who function very much like a Test Architect, but who do not have the Test Architect title. This is a discussion of the role of a Test Architect, and not a discussion of the title. There is no "typical" Test Architect role. Test Architects focus on a diverse set of goals and perform a wide variety of tasks. Some spend time developing testing infrastructure, testing authoring frameworks, or evaluating features to create complex tests. Some are in charge of a particular technology for their group. Others spend time consulting on how to improve test effectiveness. The common thread across all Test Architect roles and the primary responsibility of a Test Architect is to provide technical leadership and strategic direction for their testing organization. The level of the Test Architect generally dictates whether their scope is primarily focused on a family of features, a product line, or across an entire division. It is also expected that in addition to accountability to the current product senior Test Architects consistently look beyond the current release and possibly have several deliverables not tied to a particular product release. A Test Architect is expected to be able to effect change not only across the testing community, but between development and program management as well. Test Architects must drive quality across all disciplines, providing guidance, feedback, and suggestions to improve quality practices across an entire engineering team. It is also important to note what the Test Architect title is not. Test Architect is not a title that is awarded
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