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lastIndexOf() length() setLength()
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Even though pure top-down integration isn t workable, thinking about it will help you decide on a general approach. Some of the benefits and hazards that apply to a pure top-down approach apply, less obviously, to looser top-down approaches like vertical-slice integration, so keep them in mind.
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Table 14-9. The IPHostEntry Class
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internal struct SomeValType { // You cannot do inline instance field initialization in a value type private Int32 m_x = 5; }
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used from Ruby in this manner, but it s beyond the scope of this book to provide an advanced guide to Windows development. The Win32Utils project provides further Windows-related Ruby libraries at http://rubyforge.org/projects/win32utils/.
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You can get help on any Command Prompt command by typing its name followed by / . For example, to see a list and explanation of the command-line switches for the Dir command, type dir / . Alternatively, type the word help followed by the command / . name for example, help dir . For help with network-related commands, precede your dir . help request with net. For example, type net view / or net help view for information about the Net View command (with the Net commands, net help command provides more detailed help than net command / .) You can also type help with no arguments to / . get a list of the internal commands and system utilities provided with Windows Vista .
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should be the least of your concerns. Regardless of whether the attacker manages to use the hashes directly or crack them, your network is beyond repair already. Your only solution is to rebuild any compromised computer including the entire network if a domain or enterprise admin account could be compromised from scratch or from a backup that is provably not compromised.
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Now, what is the fourth argument to the following routine
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Managed Code Analysis
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At this point, you understand how to build a chain of delegate objects and how to invoke all of the objects in that chain . All items in the chain are invoked because the delegate type s Invoke method includes code to iterate through all of the items in the array, invoking each item . This is obviously a very simple algorithm . And although this simple algorithm is good enough for a lot of scenarios, it has many limitations . For example, the return values of the callback methods are all discarded except for the last one . Using this simple algorithm,
Best Practice Add a description attribute to a build s main targets. Targets containing a description are shown in the automatic project help, which is displayed when Ant is invoked with the -p or -projecthelp command-line options. For subtargets, prefix the name with a hyphen to make it easy to differentiate them from main targets.
It doesn t matter where you create the control in the workbook or what size it is because, as a graphical object, it can be moved and resized as required . However, you may prefer to take a systematic approach from the start . 1. Plan the type of control you want to create and where you want it to be placed . If possible (and it isn t always), define the cell sizes of the host table so that a control can fit into a single cell . 2. Select the Developer tab in the Ribbon, and click the Insert button in the Controls group . Then click the icon of your choice in the bottom selection menu . Position your mouse in the worksheet (the mouse pointer becomes a crosshair), and holding down the mouse button drag the object horizontally until you re happy with its size .
Using System Protection to Save the Registry s State
When you ve identi ed the risks to your network, you need to identify what the resources are to address those risks. These resources can be internal or external, people or systems, hardware or software. When you re identifying the resources available to deal with a speci c risk, be as complete as you can, but also be speci c. Identifying everyone in the company as a resource to solve a crashed server might look good, but realistically only one or two people are likely to actually be able to rebuild the server. Make sure you identify those key people for each risk, as well as the more general secondary resources they have to call on, such as Microsoft Customer Support Services (CSS) and local Microsoft partners. So, for example, the primary resource available to recover a crashed server might consist of your hardware vendor to recover the failed hardware and your own IT person or primary system consultant to restore the software and database. General secondary resources could include Microsoft Support (http://support.microsoft.com/oas/default.aspx gprid=3208), Microsoft Partners in your area, and even newsgroups such as the microsoft.public.windows.server.sbs newsgroup. An important step in identifying resources in your disaster recovery plan is to specify both the rst-line responsibility and the back-end or supervisory responsibility. Make sure everyone knows who to go to when the problem is more than they can handle or when they need additional resources. Also, clearly de ne when they should escalate. The best disaster recovery plans include clear, unambiguous escalation policies. This takes the burden off individuals to decide when and whom to notify and makes escalation simply part of the procedure.
// Check if logging is enabled before creating log entries. if (defaultWriter.IsLoggingEnabled()) { defaultWriter.Write("Log entry created using the simplest overload."); defaultWriter.Write("Log entry with a single category.", "General");
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