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the bandwidth that you are using and adjusts the download rate accordingly. Additionally, BITS has support for resume, so if you lose your Internet connection halfway through a download, the download will resume where you left off when the connection is available again.
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s When any suggestion is made, send a thank you message, either automatically or manually. Tip
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a. Gather the data that produces the defect. b. Analyze the data that has been gathered and form a hypothesis about the defect. c. Determine how to prove or disprove the hypothesis, either by testing the program or by examining the code. d. Prove or disprove the hypothesis using the procedure identified in 2(c). 3. Fix the defect. 4. Test the fix. 5. Look for similar errors. The first step is similar to the scientific method s first step in that it relies on repeatability. The defect is easier to diagnose if you can make it occur reliably. The second step uses the first four steps of the scientific method. You gather the test data that divulged the defect, analyze the data that has been produced, and form a hypothesis about the source of the error. You design a test case or an inspection to evaluate the hypothesis and then declare success or renew your efforts, as appropriate. Let s look at each of the steps in conjunction with an example. Assume that you have an employee database program that has an intermittent error. The program is supposed to print a list of employees and their income-tax withholdings in alphabetical order. Here s part of the output:
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23. Debugging
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9 Entity Customization: Relationships
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n Note It s important to recognize that the filename doesn t match the name of the library, or class in this
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Configuring Internet Explorer to Work with Other Programs
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you preview that section of the timeline, the video fades from the speaker to the billboard video. As an alternative to adding a video transition, you could add a video effect. For example, you could click the billboard video and add a Fade In effect. This effect fades the billboard video in from black as the video starts playing. To add a fade-in video transition, on the Clip menu, point to Video, and then click Fade In. Now add an audio effect to Billboard.wmv. 4. Click Billboard.wmv in the timeline. On the Clip menu, point to Audio, and then click Fade In. This effect fades the clip audio in as the video begins to play. To make sure that the different elements in your presentation stop playing at the same time, do the following: 1. On the Slide track, click the last slide, Questions and Answers. Move the end trim handle of the selected slide so it ends when the last video file, Billboard.wmv, ends. 2. On the HTML track, click the file contactinfo.htm. Move the end trim handle of the HTML file so it ends when the last video file, Billboard.wmv, ends as well. 3. On the Template track, click the last template on the template track Standard Video (320x240) Resizable Slides and HTML. Move the end trim handle of the template so it ends when the last video file, Billboard.wmv, ends. This ensures that the individual files on the timeline stop playing at the same time in your presentation. It can be distracting to your audience if one element displays for a longer time than the others. However, you may choose to do this if you want an item, such as a Web link or slide, to display for a longer time so your audience can read any pertinent information, such as text on a Web site if you added a Web link. Trimming templates and slides so they end at the same time as the video will reduce the amount of time it takes to publish the presentation when you publish the presentation. This is because blank video footage is created when a slide, presentation template, or HTML file, or Web link extends beyond audio or video that appears on the timeline. Click the Preview Presentation tab, move the playback slider to the beginning, and then click Play to preview the timeline contents. Step-by-Step: Editing the Introduction Page The introduction page provides information about your presentation. 1. Click the Table of Contents tab. This tab lets you edit the introduction page information, as well as the table of contents. The information that appears for the unedited presentation was entered when the presentation was originally created using the New Presentation Wizard. 2. To change the information for the introduction page, do the following:
Sample PPTP packet
FIGURE 4-4 Changing the gradient direction.
This query returns employee IDs 11, 12, 13, and 14. So far, you ve seen a UDF implementation of a subtree under a given root, which contains a WHILE loop. The following code has the CTE solution, which contains no explicit loop:
If the page worked as expected from the start, you re certainly one lucky programmer! Most of the time, errors happen because of typos, so watch out for them! Database access problems are also common, so make sure you correctly configured the hatshop database and the hatshopadmin user, as shown in 2. In any case, we re lucky to have a good error-reporting mechanism, which shows a detailed error report if something goes wrong. Figure 3-15 shows the error message I received when mistyping the database password in config.php.
AppDomain that the types are loaded into is unloaded . A common way to leak memory is to have a static field refer to a collection object and then to keep adding items to the collection object . The static field keeps the collection object alive and the collection object keeps all its items alive . For this reason, it is best to avoid static fields whenever possible .
<p> <label>Location (optional) : </label> <input name="location" type="text" id="location" /> </p> <p> <input type="submit" name="Submit" value="Send Suggestion" /> </p> </form> < php } >
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