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As you can see in table 11.2, entities are represented in the Table service differently from how they d be stored in SQL Server. In the SQL Server version of the Products table, we maintained a fixed schema where each property of the entity was represented by a column in the table. In table 11.2 the Table service maintains a fairly minimal schema; it doesn t rigidly fix the schema. The only properties that the Table service requires, and that are therefore logically represented by their own columns, are Timestamp, PartitionKey, and RowKey. All other properties are lumped together in a property bag.
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Figure 5.3 Applying an n-gram filter to the words helps you find approximate matches.
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Figure 10.1 A page like this that contains a good deal of information and allows user interactions such as marking milestones is an ideal candidate for a bit of Ajax magic.
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Uses regex to update assembly info
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This snippet shows the skeleton of each and every SOAP message. The message starts off with an Envelope, which typically declares a namespace and may include encoding. Immediately inside the Envelope is the Header, which is optional. This contains meta-information about the message, such as security, network routing, and other data required to get the message to its destination. The last piece of the SOAP message is the Body, which in the case of our example, defines the addBid method and its associated parameters. Describing a web service: WSDL The Web Services Description Language (WSDL) is central to a web service because it describes the service to possible consumers. It specifies the message type, port, supported operations, data types, and all other details about how the web service works, where it can be found, and what the client should expect in return. Listing 15.1 shows a sample WSDL for ActionBazaar s PlaceBidService.
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Populate scene with map data
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Even though the language doesn t really support constants, let s assume that based on the uppercase naming convention, these values are intended to be constant values. We could lazily sprinkle these string literals throughout our code, but that s a fairly sloppy approach. Using constants in this way keeps our magic strings in a single location. If the server contract changes, we can adapt. For example, imagine the ways in which the server contract could change, as shown in table 11.1.
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Figure 12.9 ManageJobs Activity lists downloaded jobs.
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objviewer.autoSpec=function(obj){ var members=new Array(); for (var propName in obj){ var propValue=obj[name]; var propType=objviewer.autoType(value); var spec={name:propName,type:propType};
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Then you can pass getFiles to GetSubDirectoryNodes( ), and expect it to retrieve the files or not, whichever is appropriate. Now go back to the Design view, select the target TreeView, create its BeforeExpand event, and add the call to twvExpand( ):
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