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When Ant calls this target, it only sets the start and end markers into the end and start XML comments if the cactus.enabled property is set. One weakness of this process is that we have to set the overwrite attribute of the <copy> task to true, otherwise the commenting/uncommenting only takes place if the destination file is missing. With the overwrite flag set, the copy and filter always takes place, but this induced change will propagate along the rest of the build and deploy, taking extra time when the conditional option does not change from build to build. Another weakness is that in a big project, the number of options to control gets more complex, with conditional inclusion of other components alongside Cactus servlets, and with target-specific configuration data. A simple filtered copy may not be enough. 12.4.2 Customizing deployment descriptors with XDoclet As we are using XDoclet to create the deployment descriptor, we may as well use it to conditionally include or exclude fragments of our build file. We can do this by setting configuration parameters to the task, then modifying the templates to include fragments if these parameters are set. For our Cactus problem, we define a configuration
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QueryParser parser = new QueryParser( "title", analyzer ); luceneQuery = null; try { luceneQuery = parser.parse( words ); } catch (org.apache.lucene.queryParser.ParseException e) { throw new IllegalArgumentException( "Unable to parse search entry into a Lucene query", e ); } return luceneQuery; } //Hibernate Core APIs public List findByTitle(String words) { FullTextSession ftSession = SessionHolder.getFullTextSession(); luceneQuery = buildLuceneQuery( words, null ); org.hibernate.Query query = ftSession.createFullTextQuery( luceneQuery ); @SuppressWarnings("unchecked") List<Item> results = query.list(); Execute it return results; } //Java Persistence APIs public List findByTitle(String words) { FullTextEntityManager ftEntityManager = EntityManagerHolder.getFullTextEntityManager(); luceneQuery = buildLuceneQuery( words, null ); javax.persistence.Query query = ftEntityManager.createFullTextQuery( luceneQuery ); return query.list(); }
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We can even enable batch fetching for the collection. In this case, the batch size doesn t refer to the number of bids in the batch; it refers to the number of collections of bids:
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The image will be taken as a relief map, and shaded as if a distant light were aimed at it. Under normal circumstances this will result in a grayscale image, but if the parameter color has a true value, the resulting image will preserve some of the original coloring. The geometry parameter can be used as a shortcut for azimuth and elevation. Also see Emboss().
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These fields are read-only, however. If you try to assign a new value to one of them, you ll get an error:
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createDate fields are defined in both the Category and CategoryPK classes. However, the IdClass approach keeps your domain model clutter free, especially as
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Previously, we pointed out the Application object acts on the client side like the counterpart of the Page object. The Page object manages the lifecycle of a web page on the server side, and the Sys.Application object accomplishes the same task on the client side. The client lifecycle of a web page is much simpler than the server lifecycle of an ASP.NET page. It consists of only three stages: init, load, and unload. When each stage is entered, the Sys.Application object fires the corresponding event init, load, or unload. As shown in the activity diagram in figure 2.3, the client-page lifecycle starts when the browser loads a page requested by the user and ends when the user navigates away from the page. Let s examine the sequence of events in more detail.
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Creating the Database
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Listing 9.6 People-picker: a simple, graphical way to select contacts
Querying with Hibernate Search
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