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sendOrderedBroadcast(Intent intent, String receiverPermission, BroadcastReceiver resultReceiver, Handler scheduler, int initialCode, String initialData, Bundle initialExtras) sendStickyBroadcast(Intent intent)
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Figure 8.3 A Spotlet is a KJava application. Only one Spotlet can have focus at any given time. When Spotlet has focus, as Spotlet B does in this picture, it is the only Spotlet getting and handling events from the Palm OS device.
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showText = "This is some " textSize = e.Graphics.MeasureString(showText, basicFont) e.Graphics.DrawString(showText, basicFont, _ Brushes.Black, offset, 0) offset += textSize.Width showText = "strong" textSize = e.Graphics.MeasureString(showText, strongFont) e.Graphics.DrawString(showText, strongFont, _ Brushes.Black, offset, 0) offset += textSize.Width
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public void updatePerson (Object personKey, String phone, String fax) { InitialContext context = new InitialContext (); Object personHomeOb = (PersonHome) context.lookup ("Person"); PersonHome personHome = (PersonHome) PortableRemoteObject.narrow (personHomeOb, PersonHome.class); Person person = personHome.findByPrimaryKey (personKey); Look up person.setPhone (phone); Update the phone number person.setFax (fax); a Person }
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Multirow table constraints can be implemented with more complex expressions. You may need a subselect in the expression to do this, which may not be supported in your DBMS check your product documentation first. However, there are common multirow table constraints you can add directly as attributes in Hibernate mappings. For example, you identify the login name of a User as unique in the system:
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Table 9.2 Object-oriented programming introduces a number of new concepts. Summary A collection of variables and functions that work together A collection of class libraries The way in which a subclass gets variables and functions from its parent A call sent to an object, telling it to execute a function A function inside a class, executed by a message A specific instance of a class A descendent of a class, with some features in common and some variance
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The TABLE strategy designates a user-defined relational table from which the numeric keys will be generated. A relational table with the following logical structure is used:
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line searchable version of the Ant documentation </section> </doc>
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The full source code for the UnderstandingScope project can be found in the chapter 6 folder of the resources website for this book http://manning.com/neimke.
To handle the functionality of sending and receiving datagrams, three more methods are introduced to the MsgClient: datagramMessage(), receiveDatagram() and sendDatagram(). The datagramMessage() method is called to handle requests from the menu to send and receive a message. The latter two methods handle the receiving and sending of specific functionality. The code for sending and receiving datagrams is shown in listing 13.6.
abstract class FirefighterBase : NamedPerson { public abstract void ExtinguishFire(); public override string Name { get; set; } } // ...
Example C-17. The markup file for Exercise 4-4
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