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window.onload=function(){ for(var i=0;i<window.onloadListeners.length;i++){ var func=window.onlloadListeners[i]; func.call(); } }
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0 1 2 3 Unspecified. Don t dispose between frames. Restore the background color. Restore the previous frame.
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A Cartesian product (also called a cross join) produces a new table consisting of all possible combinations of rows of two existing tables. In SQL, you express a Cartesian product by listing tables in the from clause:
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Basic conditions (if, else) We ll kick things off with a basic example (listing 3.18).
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This annotation also contains the string constant to which all the other code refers, which is convenient. Now, apply this annotation on an EJB class:
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If we expand more of the projects, as in figure 23.4, we can see that no project references the Infrastructure project except for IntegrationTests, which isn t deployed to production anyway. Only the Infrastructure project references NHibernate.dll. When we examine the UI project, we ll see how the application is organized at runtime to function properly.
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23: Web Development
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All of the attributes in table 8.4 are available in the unary dynamic SQL tags listed in table 8.5.
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Each of the web and SDK development models has its own advantages and disadvantages. We ve summarized the biggest advantages for each model of development in table 2.1.
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write code to follow links, letting you validate further pages off your starting page. If you really know what you are doing, it will give you the actual DOM of a server response for you to validate, which can be a complex process. Because it is actually testing what the server is generating, it can perform functional testing of the complete system. So the unit in the title is a bit of a misnomer, but it does emphasize its intended use within JUnit test cases. To use HttpUnit, the first step is to download the latest version from the httpunit.org web site and unzip it somewhere. It contains the documentation and the two files you need to run the tests httpunit.jar and jtidy.jar, the latter being the Java version of Dave Raggett s HTML parsing and tidying code. 12.6.1 Writing HttpUnit tests To test your web pages you can write JUnit test case classes and methods, just as if you were testing local classes. However, the code inside these methods does not create and test local classes. Instead, it uses the HttpUnit classes to talk to a web server, fetching and testing the pages these helper classes retrieve. The first lines of code import the test libraries into our class, which we name HttpUnitTest to be consistent with our existing test case naming policy:
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In 5, the EncryptionEJB had a configurable property for the cipher s passphrase. These types of configurable properties are called environment entries. The bean can use environment entries to customize its behavior. Although they can be defined using annotations, environment entries are almost always configured via XML, as they really are configuration values and not metadata. The <env-entry> element is used to define them. This element contains the subelements <description> (optional), <env-entry-name> (required), <env-entry-type> (required), and <env-entry-value> (optional), as well as the element <injection-target> (optional). Here is a typical <env-entry> declaration:
To modify your existing web page to read the configuration setting from the Windows Azure configuration settings file rather than from the web.config file, add a using statement for Microsoft.WindowsAzure.ServiceRuntime at the top of your code and change the code-behind of your website to the following:
8.2.7 Generating primary keys
The code in listing 14.1 compiles all the Java source code and builds an EJB JAR file with the metadata/ejb-jar.xml file built into the META-INF directory. The main difference in the code shown here and the <jar> usage shown in section 6.3.2 is the inclusion of the deployment descriptor in the META-INF directory.
calling Monitor.Exit. Only one thread can hold the lock at any time, so if multiple other threads are waiting for the same object s lock in Monitor.Enter, the .NET Framework will pick just one as the next owner of the lock, and the other threads will continue to be blocked.
In computational graphics manipulation the most commonly used primary colors are red, green and blue, forming a color space referred to as RGB. The main reason that this color space is used is due to the fact that computer monitors perform their function with phosphorizing agents that emit those three colors. RGB is called an additive
You can see that the AddressType class wraps the Address class so it can be managed by Hibernate. Custom user types are not persisted to the database, but they provide information on how to persist another class to the database. (We have intentionally repeated that a few times. It s easy to lose sight of the actual purpose of custom types.) In our case, the AddressType class provides the bridge between our Address class and the Hibernate runtime. Notice that our Address class implements the java.io.Serializable interface. This is required if you want the class to be cached by a second-level caching service. The AddressType class appears to be more complicated than you would expect, but it s really quite simple. Let s take a detailed look at the methods in the class. The sqlTypes() method returns an array of java.sql.Types constants matching the property types of the Address class:
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