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Integrating QRCode in Java DEFINITION

Listing 11.7 Making a declarative Web Service call
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Figure 2.6 A window contains one or more view controllers or views under the iPhone OS.
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Table 4.2 Common Android application Intent action and Uri combinations Action Intent.ACTION_CALL Intent.ACTION_DIAL Uri tel:phone_number tel:phone_number Description Opens the phone application and calls the specified number Opens the phone application and dials (but doesn t call) the specified number
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Figure D.6 The MIDlets associated with the project and MIDlet suite are listed in the MIDlets tab on the Settings window.
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Class MultiTypes(Of T1, T2) Public Member1 As T1 Public Member2 As T2 End Class
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You ve set varA to 5. No problem:
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Transactions and concurrency
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Figure 6.2 Status bar user interface for our notification system. Individual messages are represented by their icons.
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How can I sign a document if it doesn t have a signature field If there s no signature field present, you can make a small change to the code from listing 12.14 to add a signature that will show up in the signature panel (see the left side of figure 12.5). If you omit the setVisibleSignature() method, the signature won t show up on any page. This is called an invisible signature. Or you can use the setVisibleSignature() method with a Rectangle object, a page number, and a field name as parameters. This will create a new signature field. The name of the person who signs the document is retrieved from the private key. You can add a reason for signing and a location with the setReason() and setLocation() methods D. This information can be used for the appearance in the signature field (see figure 12.4) and it s also shown in the signature panel (see figure 12.5). You pass the PrivateKey object and the Certificate chain obtained from the key store to the setCrypto() method E. With the third parameter, you can pass certificate revocation lists (CRLs). We ll discuss certificate revocation in section 12.4.6. With the final parameter, you choose a security handler. The corresponding cryptographic filters that are supported in iText are listed in table 12.4.
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The power button on a cell phone will end execution of an application. In the emulator, pressing the simulated power button will also cause the emulator to close. (figure 5.6)
In summary, by controlling the precedence, we ensure that authentication occurs before authorization; we verify the identity of the subject before we check the permissions for that subject. To enable authorization in our banking system, we must modify BankingAuthAspect to implement the abstract getPermission() method. This is all we have to change in order to enable authorization the reusable base aspect takes care of all the complexities. Listing 10.17 shows BankingAuthAspect , which enables authorization in our example banking system.
When you define a new class, you declare its name with the class keyword, and then define its methods, fields, and properties. To instantiate an object, you declare the name of the class, followed by an identifier for the object, much as you would a local variable. You then need to allocate memory for the actual (unnamed) object that will be created on the heap; you do so with the keyword new. You invoke a method on an object by writing the name of the object, followed by the dot operator, and the method name followed by parentheses. Parameters, if any, are placed within the parentheses. Access modifiers dictate which methods of external classes can see and use a variable or method within a class. All members of the class are visible to all methods of its own class. Members marked public have no restrictions, and are visible to methods of any class. Members marked private are visible only to methods within the same class. Members marked protected are visible to methods within the same class, and methods in derived classes. If you know the return type of a method, you can use a method call anyplace you would use an instance of that type. A constructor is a special method invoked when a new object is created. If you do not define any constructors at all for your class, the compiler will provide a default constructor that does nothing. A default constructor is a constructor that takes no parameters. You are free to create your own default constructor for your class. You can initialize the values of your member variables when you define them in your class. Object initializers allow you to set the public fields of an object immediately after you create the object. Anonymous types allow you to create a class with no name, and initialize its fields immediately. The compiler will implicitly assign types to those fields. You can use the var keyword to create an instance of the anonymous object. The this keyword is used to refer to the current instance of an object.
Whew! That s quite bit of code to be added in one go, but don t panic; it s all rather straightforward when you know what it s meant to do. The purpose of listing 4.3 is to update a new sequence, called clashes, which holds a flag set to true if a given cell currently conflicts with others and false if it does not. The UI can then bind to this sequence, changing the way a grid cell is displayed to warn the player of any duplicates. The function update() clears the clashes sequence and then checks each group in turn. In our basic 9 x 9 puzzle there are 27 groups: nine rows, nine columns, and nine boxes. Each group has nine positions it needs to check for duplicates. However, most of the work is deferred to the function checkGroup(), which handles the checking of an individual group. Let s take a closer look at this function, so we can understand how it fits into update().
Appendix: Answers to Quizzes and Exercises
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