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9: Behavioral Patterns: Iterator, Mediator, and Observer
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Command="$(OutputFile)"></Exec> </Target> </Project>
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We introduce the getAvailableBalance() method in SavingsAccount, overriding the method introduced into the Account interface by the base aspect. This method reduces the available balance by MINIMUM_BALANCE_REQD. The savingsDebitExecution() pointcut captures the execution of debit transactions in the SavingsAccount interface. It uses the debitExecution() pointcut defined in the base aspect and restricts it with the this(SavingsAccount) pointcut. This restriction causes the pointcut to match only SavingsAccount transactions. The before advice to savingsDebitExecution() throws an InsufficientBalanceException exception if the available balance is less than the requested withdrawal amount. 12.5.3 Implementing the second business rule The second business rule we consider is overdraft protection. In natural language the new rule reads: If a check could not be cleared and if there is a sufficient balance in an overdraft account, clear the check by transferring the required amount from that overdraft account to the checking account. Note that the rule specifies that the application of the overdraft protection rule is only for transactions initiated by the check clearance system. Transactions
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WebORB for .NET is a platform for developing Ajax and Flash-based rich client application and connecting them with .NET objects and XML web services.
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Once your globally declared path variable has been constructed, it can be referenced from tasks using its id attribute. To use the path above when compiling a Java class via the javac task, you would refer to it as follows:
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STSong-Light STSongStd-Light MHei-Medium MSung-Light MSungStd-Light HeiseiMin-W3 HeiseiKakuGo-W5 KozMinPro-Regular
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StringBuilder itemInString = new StringBuilder( "Item " ); if ( item == null ) { itemInString.append( "not found" ); } else { itemInString.append( "(" ).append( item.getEan() ).append( ")" )
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Vitamin E Vitamin D Vitamin C Vitamin A
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Web frameworks: WebWork, Struts, and Tapestry
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The nally Statement
trycatch: [trycatch] [echo] [echo] [echo] [echo] Caught exception: Oops! Caught Finally As property: Oops! From reference: C:\AntBook\Sections\Applying\tasks\ ant-contrib.xml:72: Oops!
Case Keys.F12 ' ----- Prompt the user for patron or administrative mode. ShowLoginForm( ) e.Handled = True
Listing A.5
If you provide a PDF form in a web application, people can fill out the form in their browser and submit the data to your server. We re going to look at how to do this in the next chapter. If you want to allow people to save the data locally before submitting the form, you need to enable your form using the LiveCycle Reader Extensions or the full Acrobat.
Solution to Question 20-6. You would want to use a join when you want to filter the information retrieved from one table based on the contents of a different table. Solution to Question 20-7. The DataSet object represents a subset of retrieved data, and can be used to view or manipulate the data. Solution to Question 20-8. One good way to view the rows in a DataTable object is to iterate over the Rows collection with a foreach loop. Solution to Question 20-9. The DataAdapter class provides the bridge between your application and the database. The DataAdapter can take a connection string and a query string, and can then be used to provide that data to a DataSet object. Solution to Question 20-10. Use the DataAdapter.Fill( ) method to transfer the data to a DataSet for manipulation.
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