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object-oriented 242 optimizing 250 paginating results of 243 parameter binding 245 polymorphic 251 porting to mapping files 250 QBE and dynamic 278 reports 269 restrictions 252 results caching 176, 180 results ordering 257 root entities of criteria 243 simplest 250 storing 249 using aliases 251 using enumerated types in 210 ways of expressing in Hibernate 242 Query APIs binding arbitrary arguments with 247 creating a new instance of 243 defined 39 externalization of persistence concerns to 66 iterate() method and 289 list() method and 289 method-chaining 244 purpose of 243 testing 250 query by criteria (QBC) 142, 242 query by example (QBE) 143, 242 query executions 126
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Our project-wide property settings
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It may not be the most impressive game so far, but it gives us a solid foundation to work from. When version 1 of the puzzle is run, it displays the puzzle grid (see figure 4.3) and responds to mouse clicks by cycling through the available numbers. This is just a start, but already we ve seen some of the power tools we learned about in the previous two chapters making a big contribution: the declarative syntax, bound variables, and anonymous functions are all in full effect. So let s continue to build up the functionality of our game by making it more useful.
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Tester.MoveFile(file.FullName, file.FullName + ".bak");
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Changing the properties of a cell
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14: Generics and Collections
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Object o = myList.get(i);
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Classes that contain methods that iterate through the object structure and apply operations to its elements Note that the object structure is not necessarily a class hierarchy. In general, one node in the object structure can refer to another object of any type whatsoever, and the visitor can traverse to that other object. The interesting issue with subclass relationships among the object structure nodes is whether the visitor actions can easily be inherited. The Visitor pattern is intended for object structures, so it is often used in conjunction with the Composite pattern. The Composite pattern is responsible for setting up the multilevel structure on which the Visitor pattern then operates.
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Line styles Before we finish our look at how to modify lines and fills, we re going to look at one last thing: line styles. These additional variables can be used to really define how your lines look. You probably won t use these nearly as much as colors and gradients, but we nonetheless list them in table 6.6 for the sake of completeness.
Table 9.1 BLOB properties Description PageBlob, BlockBlob Allows you to instruct the browser on how to cache the BLOB Encoding of the header Language header of the BLOB MD5 hash of the content header The MIME type of the BLOB Unique identifier of the request (changes every time a BLOB is modified) Last time the BLOB was modified Used with page blocks: Locked, Unlocked; not available in the StorageClient library. Size of the BLOB, in bytes
public class UserId implements Serializable { private String username;
Simplify with JDBC
The methods presented in table 17.3 represent the core AppWidgetProvider functionality. Although these methods are common to AppWidgetProviders, the comments are made in the context of the SiteMonitor application. Also, the final two methods (denoted with *) are custom to the SiteMonitor application.
When an instance transitions from the Does Not Exist state to the Method-Ready Pool, three operations are performed on it. First, the bean instance is instantiated by invoking the Class.newInstance() method on the stateless bean class. Second, the container injects any resources that the bean s metadata has requested via an injection annotation or XML deployment descriptor.
The first classpath includes the libraries we depend upon to build, and the second appends the code just written. The advantage of this approach is ease of maintenance; any new library needed at compile time automatically propagates to the run time classpath. With the new classpath defined, we can modify the <java> task and run our program:
The analyzer specified in the configuration via cfg.setProperty( Environment.ANALYZER_CLASS, Specific Analyzer.class.getName());. This is known as the global analyzer. It can also be set via the hibernate.properties or hibernate.cfg.xml files, whichever you use.
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