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Soon after the launch of Visual Studio 2008, Microsoft released the ADO.NET Entity Framework. This interface between your programming code and a database will let you define a logical view of your system. For instance, you can create an entity called Order that includes your customer, vendor, order header, order detail, and product tables, all in one logical view. Related stored procedures can also be part of the package. The framework does all of this magic by creating a set of go-between classes and related XML structural content that manage the link between the logical and physical views of the data. Those classes can then be used in LINQ queries, and the author of the queries need not be concerned with trivial matters such as database connections and foreign key references. In reality, programmers have been writing code like this for years, abstracting the physical data model into a logical view that is easier to program against. The Entity Framework simply makes this process quicker and easier to set up. The framework includes several tools that help you build the entities from the source database structures. One key tool is the ADO.NET Entity Data Model Designer, a visual drag-and-drop tool that makes creating entities as easy as creating Visual Basic forms. Because the ADO.NET Entity Framework comes out after Visual Studio 2008, I will not be demonstrating the framework in this book.
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Inbound routing, shown in figure 16.1, describes the URL invocation of a controller action. The HTTP request comes into the ASP.NET pipeline and is sent through the routes registered with the ASP.NET MVC application. Each route has a chance to handle the request, and the matching route then specifies the controller and action to be used. Outbound routing, shown in figure 16.2, describes the mechanism for generating URLs for links and other elements on a site by using the routes that are registered. When the routing system performs both of these tasks, the URL schema can be truly
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A Default.aspx page with the ScriptManager in it A web.config file already configured for the Futures CTP A bin folder that contains the Microsoft.Web.Preview.dll assembly
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First, we declare some imports to show where some nonobvious types are coming from. Assume that the client is in the same package namespace as the CalculatorEJB classes:
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Hibernating with XDoclet
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Console.Write("Enter your name here: "); string userName = Console.ReadLine( );
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When you define a new class, you define the characteristics of all objects of that class, as well as their behaviors. For example, if you create your own windowing operating system, you might want to create screen widgets (known as controls in Windows). One control of interest might be a listbox, a control that is very useful for presenting a list of choices to the user and enabling the user to select from the list. Listboxes have a variety of characteristics: height, width, location, and text color, for example. Programmers have also come to expect certain behaviors of listboxes they can be opened, closed, sorted, and so on. Object-oriented programming allows you to create a new type, ListBox, which encapsulates these characteristics and capabilities. To define a new type or class, you first declare it and then define its methods and fields. You declare a class using the class keyword. The complete syntax is:
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15.6.1 The synchronizing lifecycle
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Filling out interactive forms
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onMouseEntered: function(ev:MouseEvent) { backImage = backHoverIm; } onMouseExited: function(ev:MouseEvent) { backImage = backIdleIm; } onMousePressed: function(ev:MouseEvent) { backImage = backPressIm; animButtonClick.playFromStart(); if(action!=null) action(ev); } onMouseReleased: function(ev:MouseEvent) { backImage = backHoverIm; } } , ImageView { image: foreImage; x: bind (0-foreImage.width)/2; y: bind (0-foreImage.height)/2; opacity: bind 1-animAlpha; } , ImageView { image: foreImage; x: bind 0-(foreImage.width/2); y: bind 0-(foreImage.height/2); visible: bind iconVisible; scaleX: bind animScale; scaleY: bind animScale; opacity: bind animAlpha; } ] }; animButtonClick = Timeline { keyFrames: [ KeyFrame { time: 0s; values: [ animScale => 1.0 , animAlpha => 1.0 , iconVisible => true ] } , KeyFrame { time: clickAnimationDuration; values: [ animScale => clickAnimationScale tween Interpolator.EASEOUT , animAlpha => 0.0 tween Interpolator.LINEAR , iconVisible => false ] } ]; };
* See The Unified Modeling Language User Guide, Second Edition, by Grady Booch et al. (Addison-Wesley). See Agile Software Development Principles, Patterns, and Practices by Robert C. Martin (Prentice Hall).
Listing 8.14 EJB inheritance
Partial Class Home Inherits System.Web.UI.Page Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, _ ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load Me.Master.PageSubTitle.Text = "Home" ' control the visibility of sections restricted to specific roles pnlManager.Visible = User.IsInRole("Manager") pnlEmployee.Visible = User.IsInRole("Employee") End Sub End Class
In this chapter we provided a quick overview of the nature of the C# language, and we showed some of its strengths and how the latest version has evolved. There s one last benefit you should be aware of before we get into the details in the next chapter, and that s the sheer quantity of C# resources available on the Internet. When the .NET Framework first appeared, C# adoption took off much faster than the other .NET languages. Consequently, if you re searching for examples of how to get things done, or solutions to problems, C# is an excellent choice because it s so well represented in blogs, examples, tools, open source projects, and webcasts Microsoft s own documentation is pretty evenhanded between C# and VB.NET, but on the Web as a whole, you re far better served if you re a C# developer. So with that in mind, we ll now look at the fundamental elements of C# programs.
Defines persistence unit defaults
LINQ can also be used to access data sources that aren t traditional database structures, such as XML files. Although we re not covering LINQ to XML specifically in this book, you can use the same LINQ syntax with XML that you ve used elsewhere in this chapter.
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