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For frequently accessed static data, you should probably populate the web role cache when the application starts up. The following code, placed in the Global.asax file, will do this:
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int [][] values = new [] { new [] {80,0,100,100,85,51,52,50,57,56}, new [] {87,95,100,100,77,70,99,100,75,94}, new [] {0,55,100,65,55,75,73,74,71,72}};
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function onEndRequest(sender, args){ $get('loadingPanel').style.display = 'none'; var row = createEventRow("endRequest", ""); $get('clientEvents').appendChild(row); }
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ID FullName UnitType
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To navigate using tables, you must modify the table view controller s tableView:didSelectRowAtIndexPath: method, which you first met in chapter 5. Clearly, if you re activating your navigation controller by some other method, you ll use different means. When a user selects an item that should lead them to the next page, you have to create the page they ll go to. You start by creating a view controller. Remember to set title, because it will be the title that appears in your new view controller s navigation item. Matching the title to the table cell s text is a common way to set this property. After you ve created a view controller, you need to decide how to create its default view. Here, you create a plain view. Prefer to create your view in Interface Builder No problem. Use the initWithNibName: method when you create your view controller, as we discussed in chapter 4. Each view should have different content based on what the user selects. Here, you look at the color of the table cell s text and then set the whole view to that color. More often, you ll probably look up an NSDictionary element from the same array you used to fill in your table and use that information to generate a unique page. For example, it d be easy to pull a nib name out of a dictionary. After you ve set up your new page, you send a message to the navigation controller to switch over to it. Note that you can find a reference to your navigation controller by using the view controller s navigationController property, another of many object links available in the view controller. The push command is simple: it adds a new page to the top of the navigation controller s stack and sends your user over to it.
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When you click Add, the file Web.sitemap is added to your web site, and the skeleton of a site map is provided for you, as shown in Example 6-14.
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By default, the license file appears in the same directory as the application, using the name LibraryLicense.lic. Add a global constant to the General module that identifies this default name.
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12.5 M aturity m odel for CI
Writes all logged messages to a file named
function update() : Void { clashes = for(a in [0..<gridSize]) false; for(grp in [0..<gridDim]) { checkGroup(grp,row2Idx); checkGroup(grp,column2Idx); checkGroup(grp,box2Idx); } }
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Nullable Types |
13.4 Daytime Client
An alternative would have been to use a member introduction mechanism to introduce a lock object in each participating class. However, with this technique, keeping the base aspect reusable requires jumping through a couple of hoops. First, you need to write an interface and introduce the lock object to it. Then each subaspect must use declare parents to make all the participating classes implement the interface. There is no programmatic way to communicate the need for declare parents. Instead, we use perthis() association with abstract pointcuts; in this way the compiler will force each subaspect to provide a definition for each abstract pointcut that is in the base aspect before it can declare itself as a concrete aspect. Such is the power of using an aspect association technique for creating reusable aspects. See section 4.3.5 for more details on the two approaches.
handler public void endElement( String uri, String localName, String qName ) { if ( qName.equals( "CD" ) ) { return; } else { Generate a field per Field field = XML element new Field( qName.toLowerCase(), text.toString(), mStore, mIndex, mVector ); if ( mBoost != null ) field.setBoost( mBoost ); mFieldList.add( field );
The limitation is that when you want to retrieve entities over the persistence provider, you must use SQL UNION or retrieve each entity with separate SQL for each subclass in the hierarchy. Besides being awkward, this strategy is the hardest for an EJB 3 provider to implement reliably. As a result, implementing this strategy has been made optional for the provider by the EJB 3 specification. We recommend that you avoid this strategy altogether. This completes our analysis of the three strategies for mapping OO inheritance. Choosing the right strategy is not as straightforward as you might think. Table 8.2 compares each strategy. The single-table strategy is relatively simple and is fairly performance friendly since it avoids joins under the hood. Even inserts and updates in the single-table strategy perform better when compared to the joined-tables strategy. This is because in the joined-tables strategy, both the parent and child tables need to be modified for a given entity subclass. However, as we mentioned, the single-table
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