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have the HttpGetAttribute applied and would render an edit form to the browser, and the other would have the HttpPostAttribute applied and would take a view model as a parameter. This simplifies the code in the view because the form from the first action is posted to the same URL. Essentially, the HTTP method is used to differentiate which overload should be invoked.
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In chapter 4, we described how the service definition file (ServiceDefinition.csdef) describes your role and how it s used by the Fabric Controller (FC) to effectively manage your role. You learned that if you need to change any of the settings in your service definition file, you also need to redeploy your role. You can change some other settings without redeploying your role. You can even change some of your settings dynamically without restarting the role (surely
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When you mouse over to the correct top-level object, release the mouse button. A menu pops up that lists all the available IBOutlets in that file. When you do this, you see the myWebView IBOutlet that you just built. Select the outlet, click the mouse, and your object and your IBOutlet are connected. At this point, you ve finished building a bridge between Interface Builder and Xcode. If you look at the Connections tab of the app delegate proxy, you ll see that it acts as a referencing outlet for the web view. If you want to look at both Connections tabs at the same time, you can do so by Ctrlclicking each of the two objects to bring up standalone Connections panels, as shown in figure 4.9. Through these Connections panels, you can see not only the reciprocal web view connection that you just built but also the app delegate s existing connections: it acts as a delegate for the application (which is the .xib file s owner), and it acts as an outlet (which you already used) for a window. Now, all you need to do is fall back on your existing Xcoding skills to make the web Figure 4.9 You can Ctrl-click to access Connections panels if you want to see multiple view do what you want. connections at the same time.
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Purpose The character represented by the char with value zero (not the character '0'). Alert or Bell . Back in the dim and distant past, terminals didn t really have sound, so you couldn t play a great big .wav file beautifully designed by Robert Fripp every time you wanted to alert the user to the fact that he had done something a bit wrong. Instead, you sent this character to the console, and it beeped at you, or even dinged a real bell (like the line-end on a manual typewriter). It still works today, and on some PCs there s still a separate speaker just for making this old-school beep. Try it, but be prepared for unexpected retro-side effects like growing enormous sideburns and developing an obsession with disco. Backspace. Yes, you can include backspaces in your string. Write:
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Guid.TryParse and Enum.TryParse<T> have both been added to .NET 4. Up through .NET 3.5 SP1, there was no built-in way to see if a string was a valid GUID, although you can find plenty of regular-expression solutions on the web. If you d like to look into this issue yourself, please browse the original Microsoft Connect issue and workarounds logged since 2004 at http://mng.bz/VuSa.
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Cache extensibility in ASP.NET 4.0
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this.mailingAddress = mailingAddress;} /** * @hibernate.component prefix="billing_" */ public Address getBillingAddress() { return billingAddress; } public void setBillingAddress(Address billingAddress) { this.billingAddress = billingAddress; } }
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public interface IFilteredModelBinder : IModelBinder { bool IsMatch(Type modelType); }
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Figure 2.5 A PDF file opened in Adobe Reader and Evince on Ubuntu
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You also need to decide where the serialized XML document should be stored. In this example, you simply send it to a StringWriter:
60 |
* @author <a href="mailto:andrew.rubinger@jboss.org">ALR</a> * @version $Revision: $ */ public interface BlackjackServiceConstants { //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| // Constants ---------------------------------------------------------------|| //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| long USER_BLACKJACKGAME_ID = 1L; String USER_BLACKJACKGAME_NAME = "The Blackjack Game System"; long ACCOUNT_BLACKJACKGAME_ID = 1L; } BigDecimal INITIAL_ACCOUNT_BALANCE_BLACKJACKGAME = new BigDecimal(10000);
Mapping entities
Once you have the cell as a variable, you want to get the text contained in the cell to compare to your known value. You do that by accessing the Text property of cellProductNumber, and then using the Substring( ) function. The Substring( ) function, as you might guess from its name, extracts a smaller string from a larger one. This is a pretty simple function to work with. First, you call the function on a string, and you give it two numbers as parameters: the index of the start of the substring, and the length of the substring. As with all other indices, the first character in the string is position zero. You want the first two characters from the Text string, so the starting index is 0, and the length of the substring is 2. Therefore, to get the first two characters from your string, you use the function Substring(0,2). Once you have that substring, you can use a simple If statement to compare it to the string you want to match, "CA":
When you do this, you re saying you want the object to stay around, but now you ve become responsible for its memory as well: you must send a release message at some point to balance your retain. At this point, we should probably back up and explain the underlying way that the iPhone OS manages memory objects. It does so by maintaining a count of object usage. By default, it s set to 1. Each retain message increases that count by 1, and each release message reduces that count by 1. When the count drops to 0, the memory for the object is freed up.
You can use the System.Text.StringBuilder class for creating and modifying strings. Table 15-2 summarizes the important members of StringBuilder.
Finally, the HQL where clause supports arithmetic expressions (but the Criteria API doesn t):
In this form, the CheckBox control offers the user the opportunity to make the image visible or not. It has its AutoPostBack property set to true, to force a postback every time the Checked property changes. To make use of this, of course, you must write an event handler for the CheckedChanged event. Double-click the CheckBox to create an event handler for CheckChanged, and add the following highlighted line of code:
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