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Windows Security Fundamentals
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This code is compiled and built into an assembly, say App.exe. When you run this application, the CLR loads and initializes. Then the CLR reads the assembly s CLR header looking for the MethodDefToken that identifies the application s entry point method (Main). From the MethodDef metadata table, the offset within the file for the method s IL code is located and JIT compiled into native code, which includes having the code verified for type safety, and the native code starts executing. Following is the IL code for the Main method. To obtain this output, I ran ILDasm.exe, selected the View menu s Show Bytes menu item, and double clicked the Main method in the tree view.
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Value comparison operators
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Why Use C As an Inline Language
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Setting the Assembly Version
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I Need More Testers and I Need Them Now!
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internal struct SimpleSpinLock { private Int32 m_ResourceInUse; // 0=false (default), 1=true public void Enter() { // Set the resource to in-use and if this thread // changed it from Free, then return while (Interlocked.Exchange(ref m_ResourceInUse, 1) != 0) { /* Black Magic goes here... */ } } public void Leave() { // Mark the resource as Free Thread.VolatileWrite(ref m_ResourceInUse, 0); } }
16 Service Broker
[Flags][Flags] internal enum Color { Red }
However, if you add both data fields at the same time by using the Data Field Values dialog box, Microsoft Dynamics CRM will create one data field in the template, like this:
If you compile and run this code, you get the following output:
Therefore, if you want your gem to be installed easily by users, hosting it at RubyForge is key. Hosting with RubyForge is also free, and with RubyForge s status in the community, hosting your project at RubyForge makes it look more legitimate. To host a project with RubyForge, create a new account using the link from the front page at http://rubyforge.org/, and once you re set up, you can apply to create a new project. You have to enter several pieces of information about your project, but within a couple of days you should be approved and will be able to upload files. Gems associated with any project hosted in RubyForge become available to install with RubyGems within a few hours.
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