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Clustered Index Seek + Ordered Partial Scan
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In the Table-Per-Concrete-Class strategy you have a table per each class in the system. In this strategy, each class is mapped to a table that includes both the attributes of the implemented class as well as the attributes inherited from the parent class. This strategy basically discards polymorphism (polymorphic queries require you to query over all child classes), but it is very efficient in terms of storage space and record insertion (one SQL statement).
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<Project xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/developer/msbuild/2003"> <ItemGroup> <src Include="src\one.txt" /> </ItemGroup> <Target Name="PrintWellKnownMetadata"> <Message <!-- %40 <!-- %25 <Message <Message <Message <Message <Message <Message <Message <Message <Message <Message <Message </Target> </Project> Text="===== Well known metadata ====="/> = @ --> = % --> Text="%40(src->'%25(FullPath)'): @(src->'%(FullPath)')"/> Text="%40(src->'%25(Rootdir)'): @(src->'%(Rootdir)')"/> Text="%40(src->'%25(Filename)'): @(src->'%(Filename)')"/> Text="%40(src->'%25(Extension)'): @(src->'%(Extension)')"/> Text="%40(src->'%25(RelativeDir)'): @(src->'%(RelativeDir)')"/> Text="%40(src->'%25(Directory)'): @(src->'%(Directory)')"/> Text="%40(src->'%25(RecursiveDir)'): @(src->'%(RecursiveDir)')"/> Text="%40(src->'%25(Identity)'): @(src->'%(Identity)')"/> Text="%40(src->'%25(ModifiedTime)'): @(src->'%(ModifiedTime)')"/> Text="%40(src->'%25(CreatedTime)'): @(src->'%(CreatedTime)')"/> Text="%40(src->'%25(AccessedTime)'): @(src->'%(AccessedTime)')"/>
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DHCP allocator
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Protecting a System with Windows Firewall . . . . . . . . . 987 Testing Your Computer s Network Security . . . . . . . . 1002
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The plan for this query is shown in Figure 6-14.
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Ch apt er 14 rU B Y a ND the INter Net
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directory and click Next.
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The DATEDIFF function calculates the difference in terms of whole days between an anchor date at midnight and the current date and time value . Call that difference diff . If you add diff days to the anchor date, you will get the current date at midnight . To set the date part to the base date of January 1, 1900, use the following expression:
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Using Design-Time Sample Data If you use a visual design tool, such as Expression Blend or Visual Studio 2010, design-time sample data becomes very important. The views can be populated with data and images, making the design task easier and quicker to accomplish. This results in improved productivity and creativity. Empty list controls that contain data templates will not be visible unless they are populated with data, making the task of editing the empty controls more time consuming because you need to run the application to see how the last edit will look at run time. Sample Data Sources You can use sample data from any of the following sources: Expression Blend XML sample data Expression Blend 4 and Visual Studio 2010 XAML sample data XAML resources Code The data from each of these sources is described in the following subsections. Expression Blend XML Sample Data Expression Blend gives you the capability to quickly create an XML schema and populate a corresponding XML file. This is accomplished without any dependency on any project classes. The purpose of this type of sample data is to let designers start their projects quickly, without waiting for a developer or before application classes are available for consumption. While most sample data is supported in both the Expression Blend and Visual Studio designers, XML sample data is an Expression Blend feature and does not render in the Visual Studio designer. Note: XML sample data file is not compiled or added to the assembly when built; however, the XML schema is compiled into the built assembly. Expression Blend 4 and Visual Studio 2010 XAML Sample Data Beginning in Expression Blend 4 and Visual Studio 2010, the d:DesignData markup extension was added to enable the design-time loading of XAML sample data. Sample data XAML files contain XAML that instantiates one or more types and assigns values to properties. d:DesignData has a Source property that takes a uniform resource identifier (URI) to the sample data XAML file located in the project. The d:DesignData markup extension loads the XAML file, parses it, and then returns an object graph. The object graph can be consumed by the d:DataContext property, CollectionViewSource d:DesignSource property, or DomainDataSource d:DesignData property.
In this chapter, I m going to introduce the information that is fundamental to working with types and the common language runtime (CLR). In particular, I ll discuss the minimum set of behaviors that you can expect every type to have. I ll also describe type safety and the various ways you can cast objects from one type to another. Finally, I ll talk about namespaces and assemblies.
Size Does Matter
the same file type. You cannot combine different file types such as .csv and .xml into a single .zip file for the Import Data Wizard.
If we wire up the ListBox to our Person data from our earlier DataGrid example, you will see that, by default, the ListBox really is just a standard ListBox. <ListBox Margin="10" x:Name="list" DisplayMemberPath="Name" /> One additional property you may have noticed in this ListBox definition is DisplayMemberPath. If you are defining a simple text-based ListBox, the ListBox needs to know which data member to display. Since the Person class contains three properties (Name, Age, and Male), we need to tell it that we want the Name to be displayed. Figure 5-14 shows the results.
This query generates the following output, shown here in abbreviated form:
13. Threading and Synchronization
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