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Part I ASP.NET Essentials
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Table 11-2 . Account-Management Tool Tasks
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First let s look at the SQL Server 2005 query plan. Because we want to know what was happening during the execution, we have to turn on Include Actual Execution Plan in Management Studio and run the query. The result is the plan shown in Figure 11-12. The actual plan looks the same as the estimated plan, but it contains additional information from the execution inside the properties of individual operators and connecting edges.
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ID,Date,Time,Description,IP Address,Host Name,MAC Address
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in Figure 7-32) and click Next.
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pane once and then clicking Address Leases again. Now right-click Reservations and the choice should be available.
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Part I:
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<Project xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/developer/msbuild/2003" DefaultTargets="Build"> <Target Name="Build">
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Aggregate Bitwise AND
For native C++ applications, the configuration file schema is similar but has to take into account that native applications specify the tool you want to work on. The following code shows the basic schema, and Table 9-3 lists the individual schema fields and what they do. <Configurations> <ProgLanguage></ProgLanguage> <Configuration> <ConfigName></ConfigName> <Tools> <Tool> <ToolName></ToolName> <Properties> <Property> <PropertyName></PropertyName> <PropertyType></PropertyType> <PropertyValue></PropertyValue> </Property> </Properties> </Tool> </Tools> </Configuration> </Configurations> Table 9-3: Native C++ Project Configuration Schema Node <Configurations> <ProgLanguage> Description The main element that contains one or more configurations. Contains the string that describes the GUID string for native C++. This will always be the value in the following example. Example: <ProgLanguage> {B5E9BD32-6D3E-4B5D-925E-8A43B79820B4} </ProgLanguage> <Configuration> <ConfigName> The collection of properties for a single build configuration. The name of the configuration. Corresponds to a target configuration in the Visual Studio .NET IDE configuration manager. 399
and then move the totals where you want them.
Puzzle 5: Arranging Soldiers in a Row
Part II Designing Types Thread Stack Heap Manager Object e (Employee) year (int32) = 0 Type object ptr Sync block index Instance fields Manager Type Object Type object ptr Sync block index Static fields GenProgressReport Employee Type Object Type object ptr Sync block index Static fields GetYearsEmployed GenProgressReport Lookup
As you can see, a two-person project has only one path of communication. A five-person project has 10 paths. A ten-person project has 45 paths, assuming that every person talks to every other person. The 2 percent of projects that have fifty or more programmers have at least 1,200 potential paths. The more communication paths you have, the more time you spend communicating and the more opportunities are created for communication mistakes. Larger-size projects
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