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In this case, if the routine exceeds the safety limit, it stops recursing. If you don t want to pass the safety counter as an explicit parameter, you could use a static variable in C++, Java, or Visual Basic, or the equivalent in other languages.
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To remove a publisher from the Untrusted Publishers list, choose Internet Options from the Tools menu in Internet Explorer. On the Content tab, click Publishers. Click the Untrusted Publishers tab, select the publisher name, and click Remove.
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a postback (OfficeImageMap.HotSpotMode = HotSpotMode.PostBack).
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Productivity applications such as word processors and spreadsheets also allow users to write macros in any programming language they choose . These macros will have access to all of the assemblies and types that work with the CLR . They will be compiled, so they will execute fast, and, most important, these macros will run in a secure AppDomain so that users don t get hit with any unwanted surprises . Your own applications can use this ability, too, in any way you want .
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Part II Programming Silverlight 3 with .NET
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Now you have two methods called random. If the first random method is in a file called number_stuff.rb and the second random method is in a file called letter_stuff.rb, you re going to hit problems: require 'number_stuff' require 'letter_stuff' puts random Which version of the random method is called
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Making Repairs with the Windows Recovery Environment
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UInt32 invalid = unchecked((UInt32) (-1)); // OK
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search engines accept when you submit a site map. Therefore, you still need to write code to generate a separate site map for search engines. Server.Transfer, however, is actually far more useful than it might initially appear. Server.Transfer allows you to switch to a different ASPX page without the user knowing. This means that you can create multiple ASPX pages (and their codebehind files) for a single page, allowing you to present users with a single webpage that appears in several completely different formats. Imagine that you re creating a retail website that sells movies on DVDs and music on CDs. You might have a single Product.aspx page that displays any product that the website sells, but you also might want to display movie previews and reviews for the DVDs, and audio previews and band information for the CDs. You don t have to create a single page for both layouts; within Product.aspx, look up whether the product is a DVD or CD, and then use Server.Transfer to process the request with a product type specific page, such as ProductDVD.aspx or ProductCD.aspx. Put any common components in a master page. For times when the user attempts to look up a product in the database that does not exist, you can also use Server.Transfer to redirect the user to an HTTP 404 File Not Found error page. The real power of Server.Transfer is that it allows you to separate how webpages appear to users from the internal structure of the site.
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Lesson 1
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For the last example, assume that Bar is defined as follows:
You can see that we removed the Sales and Marketing links from the navigation pane by modifying the security role. This provides a much cleaner user interface, which your users will appreciate. Likewise, you could also revise the Salesperson security role so that salespeople see only entities that they need to perform their jobs.
After this lesson, you will be able to:
Managing Shared Folders and Printers
Inspecting security methods
Logical Query Processing
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