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Windows Security Fundamentals
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These new Visual Studio 2010 deployment features address a long-neglected phase of ASP .NET application development getting your code to a place where users can browse to it . Before these features were available, the best deployment option was usually to create an install package to distribute to those administering a Web farm . Although creating an install package is definitely preferable to simply copying files to a Web server, the install package mechanism didn t take care of everything . For example, database schema changes were often a big problem during site redeployment . The ASP .NET debug/release Web .config file mechanism is completely unaccounted for by the Web install project . The ASP .NET new Web packaging feature solves these problems . Using the Web packaging feature, you can create either a ZIP file or a folder containing all the content and support files necessary to deploy the project onto a Web server . The following items are included in a Web package:
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Figure 9-5: Example test case form template Most TCM systems are Web based, stand-alone applications, or both. Visual Studio Team System Test Edition includes a TCM that you can use to create test cases and reporting. Figure 9-6 shows an open test case.
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When you ve identi ed which computers are causing the update to not complete, you can take the appropriate steps to correct the situation.
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Bob is 32 years old; Bob is male. Fred is 28 years old; Fred is male. Betty is 43 years old; Betty is female.
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FIGURE 7-4 The Manage Internet And E-Mail page of the SBS Server Management console
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Single Line of Text Whole Number Floating Point Number
Implementing, Managing, and Maintaining Name Resolution (2.0)
presentation without using the keyboard.
Putting It All Together
TABLE 23-1
(secpol .msc) to the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) . This is done by adding the service account to Local Policies\User Rights Assignment\Generate Security Audits . In addition, Local Policies\Audit Policy\Audit Object Access needs both Success and Failure enabled . An alternative to the Security Event log can be to create a share on a server (referred to by a UNC path) with permissions set so that the SQL Server service account only has permissions to write . This way you can avoid having audit records exposed to local system administrators . Most important, it causes the records to be written to another computer system . However, the performance implications of these network writes need to be considered and synchronous targets are unlikely to be suitable for such use .
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