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Now that you have a table filled with data, let s do something useful with it! The ultimate goal with this table is to get the list of department names from a PHP page and populate the Smarty template with that list. To get data from a database, you first need to know how to communicate with the database. Relational databases understand dialects and variants of SQL. The usual way of communicating with PostgreSQL is to write an SQL command, send it to the PostgreSQL server, and get the results back. In practice, as you ll see later, we prefer to centralize the data access code using PostgreSQL functions, but before you can learn about them, you need to know the basics of SQL.
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Fifth Normal Form
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The problem is with the latter catalog: should it list itself If it does list itself, by de nition it should not be listed. If it does not list itself, by de nition it should be listed. Imagine you have to insert these two catalogs in a database, and in a table describing catalogs, you have an attribute that is a ag showing whether a catalog lists itself. What would you insert in this attribute for the catalog that lists all catalogs that do not list themselves I think that NULL is quite all right, showing that you cannot have anything meaningful there. Of course, in real life, you will encounter missing information because of many reasons other than Russell s Paradox. Nevertheless, you have to nd a way to deal with missing information. ANSI standard prescribes and SQL Server implements NULLs for denoting missing values. Note that NULL is not a value; it is just a marker. NULL doesn t even have the privilege to be equal to itself. Some authors (Date, Pascal) strictly forbid NULLs, others explicitly allow them (Codd), and others (Halpin) do not discuss them they just show how to model and use them. Which is correct If NULLs were not allowed, you d still have to implement some special values denoting missing information. The advantage of this approach is that you could use standard Boolean operators in your queries, and there would be no need for special operators that handle NULLs. The disadvantage is that there is no single, standard, special value accepted worldwide. In addition, a single special value would not be suf cient; we would actually need one for each data type. Using NULLs means using a standard that is already accepted; however, it also means introducing three-valued logic, where not true is not the same as false. Three-valued logic makes queries more complicated. After considering many pros and cons, my personal conclusion is that NULLs are here to stay, and they are implemented by all major RDBMS; therefore, I prefer using them to inventing special values. You ll learn a lot about writing ef cient three-valued logic queries in this book. Nevertheless, some NULLs can be avoided namely, NULLs that are there because an attribute is not applicable for a particular tuple of a relation. This is a matter of design. A good schema constrains in other words, excludes NULLs that represent not applicable. Therefore, the time has come to de ne a good schema!
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The maximum normal configuration is the opposite of the minimum. It s similar in spirit to boundary testing, but again, it creates a set of maximum values out of the set of expected values. An example of this would be saving a spreadsheet that s as large as the maximum spreadsheet size advertised on the product s packaging. Or printing the maximum-size spreadsheet. For a word processor, it would be saving a document of the largest recommended size. In the case of the running example, testing the maximum normal configuration depends on the maximum normal number of employees. Assuming it s 500, you would add the following test case:
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Acceptable Roles
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<system.web> <pages controlRenderingCompatibilityVersion="3.5"/> </system.web>
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When multiple computers are connected in a workgroup, as shown in Figure 3-1, the result is called a peer-to-peer network: a network without a central server and with no network operating system.
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Verify that the demand-dial filters for the demand-dial interface on the call
Accessing Your HTML5 Content from the Local File System
" This routine purges a group of files. Sub PurgeFiles( ByRef errorState As Error_Code ) Dim fileIndex As Integer Dim fileToPurge As Data_File Dim fileList As File_List Dim numFilesToPurge As Integer MakePurgeFileList( fileList, numFilesToPurge ) errorState = FileStatus_Success fileIndex = 0 While ( fileIndex < numFilesToPurge ) And ( errorState = FileStatus_Success ) fileIndex = fileIndex + 1 If Not FindFile( fileList( fileIndex ), fileToPurge ) Then errorState = FileStatus_FileFindError End If If ( errorState = FileStatus_Success ) Then If Not OpenFile( fileToPurge ) Then errorState = FileStatus_FileOpenError
For instructions on how to adjust other display-related settings, including the DPI Scaling option that improves readability at high resolutions, see Making Text Easier to Read, in 3 .
private void TextBox_SelectionChanged(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { TextBox t = sender as TextBox; int st = t.SelectionStart; int ln = t.SelectionLength; string strT = t.SelectedText; }
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In the future, the CLR may use multiple finalizer threads . So you should avoid writing any code that assumes that Finalize methods will be called serially . In other words, you will need to use thread synchronization locks if code in a Finalize method touches shared state . With just one finalizer thread, there could be performance and scalability issues in the scenario in which you have multiple CPUs allocating finalizable objects but only one thread executing Finalize methods the one thread might not be able to keep up with the allocations . The interaction between the finalization list and the freachable queue is fascinating . First I ll tell you how the freachable queue got its name . Well, the f is obvious and stands for finalization; every entry in the freachable queue is a reference to an object in the managed heap that should have its Finalize method called . But the reachable part of the name means that the objects are reachable . To put it another way, the freachable queue is considered a root, just as static fields are roots . So if an object is in the freachable queue, the object is reachable and is not garbage . In short, when an object isn t reachable, the garbage collector considers the object to be garbage . Then when the garbage collector moves an object s reference from the finalization list to the freachable queue, the object is no longer considered garbage and its memory can t be reclaimed . As freachable objects are marked, objects referred to by their reference type fields are also marked recursively; all these objects must survive the collection . At this point, the garbage collector has finished identifying garbage . Some of the objects identified as garbage have been reclassified as not garbage in a sense, the object has become resurrected . The garbage collector compacts the reclaimable memory, and the special CLR thread empties the freachable queue, executing each object s Finalize method .
Query Tuning
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