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Digital Signatures
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Figure 3-4. Sample directory structure for datatypes and properties The sample buildfile in Listing 3-5 shows a build for which two path structures (datatypes) are defined, one with an id of class.path and the other with and id of all.source.path. These two datatypes are then used in the target named compile , which uses the javac task to compile the classes referenced by the path reference by the id all.source.path. Listing 3-5. Simple Ant Buildfile Showing Datatypes < xml version="1.0" > <project name="My Project" default="all" basedir="."> ... <property name="lib" location="lib"/> <property name="src" location="src"/> <property name="classes" location="classes"/> <property name="build" location="build"/> <property name="src-java" location="${src}/java"/> <property name="src-test" location="${src}/test"/> <property name="some-lib" location="${lib}/some-lib"/> ... <path id="class.path"> <fileset dir="${lib}"> <include name="*.jar"/>
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SELECT SalesOrderID, CustomerID, OrderDate, TotalDue FROM Sales.SalesOrderHeader WHERE TerritoryID = 5 AND OrderDate >= '20040101';
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738292 [View full width]SELECT orderid, custid, empid, shipperid, orderdate, filler FROM dbo.Orders WHERE orderdate >= '#' AND orderdate < '#'; 13601583 [View full width]SELECT orderid, custid, empid, shipperid, orderdate, filler FROM dbo.Orders WHERE orderdate >= '#' AND orderdate < '#'; ...
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Source IP address of the VPN server s Internet interface, subnet mask of
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<%@ Register tagprefix="tagprefix" Namespace="namespace" Assembly="assembly" %>
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Configuring Remote Access Connections
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Note If the view already exists, it s wiser to use ALTER VIEW than to drop and re-create the view,
a. Verify that the content placeholders have the proper IDs: HeadContent and
Another technique to calculate the minimum by using the MAX function is based on bitwise manipulation and works with nonnegative integers. The minimum value of a column n is equal to ~MAX(~n), where ~ is the bitwise NOT operator.
What s New in Data Access
Visual Basic Example of Multiplying a Loop Index
Outlook includes a reminder feature for tasks and appointments that automatically opens a message window on the date and at the time specified by the user. This reminder is intended to ensure that the user notices the event and doesn t accidentally overlook it. Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook takes advantage of this Outlook feature by automatically creating reminder times for the tasks and appointments created in Microsoft
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Important Microsoft Dynamics CRM always uses the option set value to determine matches for option set fields. Consequently, it is critical that you make sure that the integer values of the option set always match correctly. Microsoft Dynamics CRM automatically provides a default option set integer value when you add a new option, but you can edit the suggested integer value as necessary. It s important to note that Microsoft Dynamics CRM treats system-created option sets differently from custom option sets that you create:
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