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Keep in mind that if a source column has the IDENTITY property, the target has it as well. For example, the orderid column in the Orders table has the IDENTITY property. If you don t want the IDENTITY property to be copied to the target column, simply apply any type of manipulation to the source column. For example, you can use the expression orderid + 0 AS orderid as follows:
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The programming interface of the WebPart class is all in the properties listed in the table. The class has no methods and events, aside from those inherited from base server controls.
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Your company does not use a domain structure but instead has a number of workgroups. The Research workgroup has six clients running Windows XP Professional, four clients running Windows 2000 Professional, and two stand-alone servers running Windows Server 2003. Communication between hosts in this workgroup must be secure. A member of your support staff configures and assigns an IPSec security policy on all hosts on the Research workgroup. All hosts can ping each other by IP address, but Research department staff cannot access files on the servers from their client PCs. You log on to one of the servers using the Local Administrator account, access the security Settings node within Local Computer Policy, and enable success and failure auditing for logon events. You open Event Viewer and locate a failure audit event 547 in the security log. The failure reason given is Failed to obtain Kerberos server creden tials for ISAKMP/ERROR_IPSEC_IKE service. What is the most likely cause of the problem A. The default response rule is not activated.
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When Visual Studio generates a resource file, it also automatically changes your markup to attach each page element with an associated resource. To do so, it adds the meta:resourcekey markup as an attribute of a specific control. This tells ASP.NET to look up the value for this item from the resource file by using the specified resource key (the name of the data element in the .resx XML). This is referred to as implicit localization because it is based on matching resources defined with the naming pattern Key.Property, where Key is the control name and Property is the property of the control on which to match (as in ButtonFind.Text or ButtonFindResource1.Text). The following markup shows an example of the Find button s markup after the Text property was externalized into an implicit resource.
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Document workspaces: A document workspace is a mini-version of a WSS site focused on a document or a set of related documents. Users can be invited to a document workspace through an automatically generated e-mail message. They can click the link to open the document; add comments; and through the use of a Document Workspace task pane, check off tasks related to the document, contact other members of the shared workspace, access other related documents, and set alerts to be notified of changes to the document (see the section Uploading an Excel Workbook to SharePoint later in this chapter). Presence integration: Members can easily detect if another member of the team is currently online, and depending on that person s status, make contact with the team member through instant messaging, send the team member an e-mail, add the team member to their contacts, and check the team member s free/busy status. Alerts: Members can set alerts to receive e-mail notifications if a document has been added to a document library, or if a document in a document library has been modified (see the section Alerts for Content Changes later in this chapter).
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CHAPTER 4: Beginning Qt Development
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Windows Security Fundamentals
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Setting Block Inheritance
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Disk Technologies for the Server
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13. Update presentation/templates/index.tpl by adding the following: {include file="$customerLoginOrLogged"} {include file="departments_list.tpl"} {include file="$categoriesCell"} 14. Add the following styles to hatshop.css: #login_box { border: 1px solid #dc143c; } #login_box p { background: #dc143c; } .error_text { color: #ff0000; font-style: italic; } .form_table { width: auto; } .form_table tr td { background: #ffffff; border: none; } 15. You can now load the web site to check that the functionality shown in Figures 11-4 through 11-7 works.
Viewing Share Information
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The DHCP client initialization process occurs when a client computer first starts and attempts to join the network. The initialization process consists of an exchange of four broadcast messages: Discover, Offer, Request, and ACK. Through a feature known as audit logging, all daily DHCP server activity is recorded in comma-delimited text files. By default, DHCP server log files can be found in the folder WINDOWS\System32\Dhcp. Events in DHCP server log files are specified by event ID. Event IDs below 50 are described in each log file and do not need to be memorized. Events over 50 pertain to rogue server detection (Active Directory authorization status). You can either learn these events or consult a reference when you need to determine their meaning. When a DHCP server stops providing leases to clients, you should always check the DHCP log to determine whether an authorization failure has occurred. When troubleshooting DHCP, first determine whether the error is on the client, in the physical network, or on the server. To verify a DHCP server configuration, verify that the server has been properly installed, authorized, and bound. To verify a scope configuration, verify that the scope is activated, and check the set tings for the address range, subnet mask, exclusions, reservations, and superscopes.
context.Response.Write( " as your favorite feature.</br>");
Use ASP .NET personalization . Apply personalization to a Web site .
You can see the contract de ned, in MSBuild terms, inside the ValidateNUnitSettings target. This target will be executed before the UnitTest target gets executed; this is because it is contained in the UnitTestDependsOn property value. Inside this target, there are four error statements, each with conditional statements. These conditions de ne the contract that this le de nes. If any of these erroneous conditions is detected, then the execution will fail. The following list describes the details of the contract that are asserted in that target. 1. A property named NUnitOutputDir is de ned and not empty 2. An item NUnitAssemblies is de ned 3. Each item value in NUnitAssemblies contains a value for ProjectName metadata 4. Each le in NUnitAssemblies exists on disk By using this contract we have de ned how a calling project le will feed data into this le. In return, this le will provide the core behavior required to execute the NUnit test cases contained in the provided assemblies. You should note that when declaring a condition such as Condition= "'$(NUnitContinueOnError )'==''" you should always wrap each term in quotes. If you do not, you may run into situations where the condition may not evaluate as expected. Now we can see how the other requirements for reusable targets les are achieved in this sample. All the requirements for using the nunit.targets le are contained in the validation target shown previously. One of the requirements is that a list of assemblies be provided for which NUnit will be executed with. If you were authoring this le, you might be tempted to inject the UnitTest target directly into the BuildDependsOn property. This would make the assumption that the le was being consumed by a typical managed project le and would be a violation of the rst rule outlined. The calling MSBuild le is entirely responsible for injecting the UnitTest target into its build, not the other way around. Also, your targets les, which are made publically available, should not override or even assume the existence of targets provided in Microsoft.Common.targets such as BeforeBuild, BeforeCompile, etc. How does this targets le meet the requirements for transparency and extensibility That is achieved through the use of dependency properties, namely UnitTestDependsOn and UnitTestCleanDependsOn. These properties are used to de ne the set of steps to be executed in order for their corresponding targets to be executed. For example, the UnitTest target declares its dependency list as DependsOnTargets=$(UnitTestDependsOn). By using these, we externalize the steps required to execute the UnitTest and CleanUnitTest targets. Now that we ve discussed how this targets le meets the requirements laid out previously, we can now examine how to use it. Now that we ve created a reusable targets le for invoking NUnit, we ll see how this can be utilized by calling MSBuild scripts. The following le, UnittestBuild.proj, demonstrates the usage of this le.
The code begins by connecting a stack-stored QSignalSpy instance to a custom QObject that emits the something signal, passing a QString and an int. It next calls the hypothetical method emitsSomething, which presumably emits the something signal. The arguments to this signal are stored in the QSignalSpy as its first element; each of the signal s arguments is stored as a separate QVariant instance (which we first mentioned in 5) in a QList of arguments. The code performs the tests themselves on the arguments to the signal, first verifying the type of each signal argument, and then verifying the value. The QVariant s type method returns the C++ type of a QVariant as a Qt-enumerated value, while its templated value function returns the value, optionally coerced to the specific type you pass as a template argument.
In Windows Vista, you re likely to encounter media files that use Microsoft s Windows Media Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology that is, digital content that has been encrypted using digital signatures and whose use is governed by a licensing agreement with the content provider whenever you acquire music or movies from an online store or when you record TV shows from premium cable or satellite channels using Windows Media Center. The media usage rights (previously called a license) that are associated with DRM-protected files specify how you can use the file and for what period of time; these rights are designed to prevent unauthorized copying or distribution of the media item. The media usage rights are determined by the content vendor and should be disclosed when you agree to purchase or download the item; Windows Media Player enforces the terms of that agreement.
IPSec ESP provides per-packet data origin authentication (proof that the data
The nice thing about this is that you can now write code that writes directly to the response buffer and set the response type so that you can write XML over HTTP. You might notice that this uses the WebClient class to manage the communication. This is the WebClient that is part of the full Microsoft .NET Framework that ASP.NET uses. In the next section, you look at the Silverlight WebClient, which you ll see is strikingly familiar! So, as the helper functions take strings for the ticker and for the start and end dates, you can make them parameters to the ASPX. You can then pass them to the preceding helper functions to generate XML, which you then write out to the response buffer. In addition to this, set the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) type to text/xml so that any reader can see it as XML and not text. Here s the code to do that. Remember that HelperFunctions is the name of a class containing the functions that build the Yahoo URI, read it, and convert the CSV to XML:
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