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Reviewing the Problem History
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In many cases, new hardware devices include a setup CD that contains driver files and utility software. The best time to run this CD is before plugging in the device. If the drivers are signed, the setup program copies the driver files and Setup Information (.inf) file to your driver store folder so that installation can proceed automatically when you plug in the device. Some newer advanced devices work in just the opposite fashion and will only install drivers if the device itself is physically installed. When in doubt, check the documentation.
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The code would still work correctly if it was rewritten calling m_ac.AboutToBeging(m_requests.Length) just once before the for loop instead of calling AboutToBegin inside the loop .
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Using Server Controls
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When compiling source code, your compiler must process each literal string and emit the string into the managed module s metadata . If the same literal string appears several times in your source code, emitting all of these strings into the metadata will bloat the size of the resulting file . To remove this bloat, many compilers (include the C# compiler) write the literal string into the module s metadata only once . All code that references the string will be modified to refer to the one string in the metadata . This ability of a compiler to merge multiple occurrences of a single string into a single instance can reduce the size of a module substantially . This process is nothing new C/C++ compilers have been doing it for years . (Microsoft s C/C++ compiler calls this string pooling .) Even so, string pooling is another way to improve the performance of strings and just one more piece of knowledge that you should have in your repertoire .
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Laying Out an Application with Expression Blend
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SQL Server 2008 supports the caching of temporary objects across repeated calls of routines . This feature is applicable to local temporary tables, table variables, and table-valued functions used within routines such as stored procedures, triggers, and user-defined functions . When the routine finishes, SQL Server keeps the catalog entry . If the object is smaller than 8 MB, SQL Server keeps one data page and one IAM page, and uses those instead of allocating new ones when the object is created again . If the object is larger than 8 MB, SQL Server uses deferred drop, and immediately returns control to the application . This feature results in reduction of contention against system catalog tables and allocation pages, and in faster creating and dropping of temporary objects . I ll demonstrate caching of temporary objects (across repeated calls of routines) through an example . Run the following code to create a stored procedure called TestCaching that creates a temporary table called #T1 and populates it with a few rows:
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
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The Business Case for Virtual Private Networks |
Monitoring Network Protocol Security 11-27
User and Computer Certificates for EAP-TLS Authentication
<asp:Label ID="LocalizeWelcome" Text="<%$ Resources:SharedLocalizedText, WelcomeString %>" runat="server"></asp:Label>
By default, log files are stored in the %SystemRoot%\System32\Winevt\Logs\ folder. There you ll find the files for the primary Windows logs Application (Application.evtx), Security (Security.evtx), Setup (Setup.evtx), System (System.evtx), and Forwarded Events (ForwardedEvents.evtx) as well as the numerous logs in Applications And Services. In general, you don t need to do anything with the log fi les. But you might want to limit their size, archive their content, or clear them tasks that are explained in the following sections.
Table 14-14. The Mapping Between the Java DatagramSocket and MulticastSocket Classes and the .NET UdpClient Class
Support for Dynamic DNS Updates in Connection Manager
This flag allows you to monitor the lifetime of an object . Specifically, you can detect when the garbage collector has determined that this object is unreachable from application code . Note that the object s Finalize method (if it exists) has definitely executed, and the object s memory has been reclaimed .
Connection 2
Windows SBS Console v. Server Manager
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