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Think of a better name than flag for status variables It s better to think of flags as status variables. A flag should never have flag in its name because that doesn t give you any clue about what the flag does. For clarity, flags should be assigned values and their values should be tested with enumerated types, named constants, or global variables that act as named constants. Here are some examples of flags with bad names:
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One constraint is still not implemented in the model I created . A supplier can supply products only after the supplier has a contract . It would be nice if this constraint could be enforced through the syntax of a foreign key constraint . Unfortunately, such an advanced foreign key constraint is not implemented in SQL Server 2008 . Therefore, I will have to use triggers . The following trigger rejects any inserts or updates that create a row in the SuppliersProducts_Since table that has a since value less than the since value of the row of the corresponding supplier in the Suppliers_Since table:
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managed application, you must first create a .NET wrapper class that exposes all the public methods and properties found in the component's type library. Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, for example, creates such a class on the fly, immediately after adding the proper library reference to the current project. During the process, the involved types are converted from COM types and adapted to fit into the .NET Framework type system. After the importation is complete, the original COM object is ready for use in the .NET Framework, and more importantly, it has preserved the original interface while adding some .NET Framework-specific members such as ToString and GetType. In the end, for a Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 programmer who happens to use Visual Basic .NET, the code to be written is nearly identical. Note To generate a .NET wrapper class for a COM object, you can also use the tlbimp.exe utility from the command line. This utility gives you full control over the entire process, and by using command-line switches, you can intervene in many useful areas, including the (strong) name of the assembly and the wrapping namespace.
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than two items to sort, and you must do three things: sort the rst half of the items (using merge sort), sort the second half of the items, and merge the two (now sorted) halves into a single list that is in order. Merging two sorted lists to obtain a single sorted list takes only O(n) time when there are a total of n items. However, each item participates in roughly log n merge operations, so the complexity of the entire sorting algorithm is O(n log n). Merge sort is reliably fast because its best-case, worst-case, and average-case complexities are all the same. The downside of merge sort is that simple implementations require space for the merge operation. Quick sort Quick sort, like merge sort, is easiest to describe and implement recursively. Here s how it works: To sort the items in a list or array with quick sort, begin by setting aside the rst item of the list. Its value is called the pivot. Then divide the remaining items from the second item to the last item into two separate lists one to the left of the pivot item and containing the items that come before the pivot and the other to the right of the pivot item and containing items that come after the pivot value. Then sort each of these two lists (using quick sort). That s it. One advantage to quick sort is that it can easily be implemented with very modest space requirements. On the other hand, it has a worst-case complexity of O(n2), which ironically occurs when the list is already sorted! Fortunately, if the algorithm is modi ed slightly, and the pivot item is chosen at random, the worst-case scenario is not the already-sorted scenario, and quick sort is very unlikely to be slow.
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class Dog def talk puts "Howl!" end end
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USE InsideTSQL2008; IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.GetSortedShippers', 'P') IS NOT NULL DROP PROC dbo.GetSortedShippers; GO CREATE PROC dbo.GetSortedShippers @colname AS sysname, @sortdir AS CHAR(1) = 'A' AS
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// Cast obj to this type to access fields. NOTE: This cast // can t fail because you know that objects are of the same type. MyRefType other = (MyRefType) obj; // To compare reference fields, do this: if (!Object.Equals(refobj, other.refobj)) return false; // To compare value fields, do this: if (!valobj.Equals(other.valobj)) return false; return true; // Objects are equal.
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void OnRate(object sender, BulletedListEventArgs e) { Rate(e.Index); } void Rate (int index) { string displayRate = Feedback.Items[index].Text; string rate = Feedback.Items[index].Value; string baseText = You rated this book as <b>{0}</b>.<br>"; Thanks.Text = String.Format (baseText, displayRate); SiteCounters.Write( Book Feedback", IntroAspNet20", rate, null, true, true); }
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Even with the robust set of validation controls provided by ASP.NET, you still might find yourself having another validation need. Luckily, there is the CustomValidator control. You can use it to create your own validation and have that validation run alongside the other validation on a page. The CustomValidator control performs validation-based code that you write. You can use JavaScript to write validation code that will be executed on the client side; you can also write server-side validation code by using your preferred Microsoft .NET Framework language.
Proseware, Inc. has sites in several different countries. Active Directory integrated DNS has been installed for the forest root domain, The DNS Server service is installed on four Windows Server 2003 domain controllers in Proseware s main facil ity in the United States. The servers are named Pixie, Dixie, Tom, and Jerry. They do not host any DNS zones other than
FIGURE .17-1 . Tracing turned on for the application in Listing 17-1 .
You could also use a pure mathematical approach to handle zeros and negative values using the following query:
runtime (CLR), which has a deep understanding of CLR data types and can serialize all the public, protected, internal, and even private fields of an object to a compressed binary stream for high performance . See the System.Runtime.Serialization.NetDataContractSerializer class if you wish to serialize CLR data types to an XML stream . The .NET Framework also offers other serialization technologies that are designed more for interoperating between CLR data types and non-CLR data types . These other serialization technologies use the System. Xml.Serialization.XmlSerializer class and the System.Runtime.Serialization. DataContractSerializer class .
Once your database is created, you do most of your work with the executeSql function. executeSql is part of a transaction object and is just a thin layer to pass SQL queries to your database. Using executeSql you do things like create tables, insert rows, and make queries. An example SQL query might look like this:
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