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By using the SiteMap Url attribute, you can display the web page of your choice when users click the Microsoft Dynamics CRM folder in the Outlook client. Figure 12-9 shows an example in which we specified the URL http://sharepoint to display a Microsoft Office SharePoint Services website.
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specified set of characters in comments so that they can search for them but they don t interfere with compilation. Few feelings are worse than having a customer report a problem in the code, debugging the problem, and tracing it to a section of code where you find something like this:
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In virtually all cases, the unmatched GeoNames data was on coastline features, outside of the postal mail delivery services regions (ZIP codes) (see Figure 14-28) .
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For the implementation of the TechConf DTO layer I m using DynaDTO (https://dynadto., which is a solution to the screen-domain mapping problem similar to what Hibernate is to the object-relational mapping problem. DynaDTO is a project that provides a library that enables you to dynamically generate DTOs that implement a given Java interface. Created to ease the burden of hand-coding DTOs, DynaDTO eases the enforcement of separation of concerns between your application domain model and the user interface, reduces the amount of code required to implement the pattern, and provides a consistent way to declaratively define simple and complex mappings between your domain model and your user interface model (your DTOs). DynaDTO is configured via an XML file that configures the DTO builder factory for a given DTO. A DTO builder factory serves DTO builders which can construct a given type of DTO from one or more domain objects (any JavaBean or POJO). A DynaDTO configuration file uses simple property mappings (DTOs can also be configured inline using Java), nested properties,
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Figure 28-5 The Extend Volume wizard lets you extend a volume into unallocated space on the same or another hard disk.
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Note that if ar.IsCompleted returns true, the EndExecuteNonQuery will not block the application. You can also pass a callback function to a BeginExecuteXXX method and any information that constitutes the state of the particular call. The state is any information you want to pass to the callback function. In this case, we just pass a reference to the command object:
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Debugging an AJAX application presents its own issues. You do not have a server process on which to rely. Instead, you have to try to debug the code as it executes in the browser. In the previous section, you saw how to do this. However, AJAX-enabled applications tend to have a lot of client code, so they might present more issues when they are being debugged. For this reason, the Microsoft AJAX Library provides the Sys.Debug client-side namespace. The tracing you enable on the server is not fired for AJAX partial-page requests. Therefore, you will see nothing in the Trace.axd log for these types of requests. Instead, you must use the features of Sys.Debug to write out trace messages. The Debug class includes the assert, trace, clearTrace, traceDump, and fail methods. These methods can be used to display and manage messages to a trace log based on your needs. As an example, suppose you write out a message by using Sys.Debug.trace. Of course, your page must include the Microsoft AJAX Library JavaScript file. You make this happen by adding a ScriptManager control to your page. (See 9, Working with Client-Side Scripting, AJAX, and jQuery, for more details on working with AJAX.) The following markup shows part of an ASPX page that includes a ScriptManager control and a JavaScript function named button1_ onclick. When this function is fired (when the user clicks button1), the trace method is called.
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Sometimes it is very beneficial to be able to run the installation in two steps. When you create the RODC you will be able to delegate installation and administration of the RODC to either a security group or a user. The first step must be done by someone that is a member of the Domain Admins group, but the second step can be run by anybody that you delegate this task to while you use the wizard. From a security perspective it means that you can do all the configuration that require admininstrator privileges before you send the physical server, without having to preload it with sensitive data or send the sensitive data via courier service. You can do this by right-clicking the DC s OU, clicking Action, and choosing Pre-create Read-only Domain Controller. I recommend that you delegate the second step of the installation to a group, which will ease the management overhead in the long term. When you run the AD DS Installation Wizard you will see a new option on the Welcome page that enables advanced mode directly from the wizard. The old way of running the command dcpromo/adv is still available. In advanced mode you have additional configuration options available, such as staged installation of an RODC. You can complete each step with the Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard. In the first stage of the installation, you create an account for the RODC in AD DS. The second stage of the installation attaches the server that will be the RODC to the account that was previously created for it. During the first stage the wizard records all data about the RODC that will be stored in the Active Directory database, such as the DC account name and the site where it will be placed. When you create the RODC account you can also specify which users or groups that can complete the next stage of the installation. This next stage can be performed at another site, such as the branch office, by any user or group to which you have delegated the right to complete the installation. That user or group will finish the installation by running the command dcpromo.exe /UseExistingAccount:Attach, which will attach the server to the precreated RODC account. If you have not specified an account to complete the installation and administer the RODC, the second step can only be done by a user who is a member of the Domain Admins or Enterprise Admins groups. The second stage of the installation installs AD DS on the new RODC server; all AD DS data that resides locally, such as log files and the database, will be created
In previous versions of Internet Explorer, you could click a Make This Page Available Of ine option, which exposed a set of additional properties to allow automatic retrieval of webpages. This feature has been completely eliminated in Internet Explorer 7. If you want to read pages of ine, web feeds are by far a better solution.
Turn the CONCAT_NULL_YIELDS_NULL option back ON:
Adding a New User Account
Note CVS authentication doesn t protect files from being viewed during file transfers over the Internet.
__$start_lsn ---------------------0x0000004D000000270004 0x0000004D000000350004 0x0000004D000000350004 0x0000004D000000370005 __$operation -----------2 3 4 1 __$update_mask -------------0x07 0x02 0x02 0x07 EmployeeID FullName ---------- -------------4 Brian Burke 4 Brian Burke 4 Terry Earls 3 Michael Entin
34.5 Focus Your Attention with the Help of Conventions
I just can t resist sharing with you another demonstration of how bad this situation is . Try this: Open Notepad .exe and use Task Manager to see how many threads are in it . Then select Notepad s File Open menu item to display the common File Open dialog box . Once the dialog box appears, look at Task Manager to see how many new threads just got created . On my machine, 22 additional threads are created just by displaying this dialog box! In fact, every application that uses the common File Open or File Save dialog box will get many additional threads created inside it that sit idle most of the time . A lot of these threads aren t even destroyed when the dialog box is closed .
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