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Scalar UDFs return a single (scalar) value . They can be specified where scalar expressions are allowed for example, in a query, constraint, computed column, and so on . Scalar UDFs have several syntactical requirements:
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You query data with LINQ to SQL much like you write any LINQ query. The big difference is the simplified way in which you connect to the actual data and the fact that you can write your queries by using the O/R mapped objects. If you are using an auto-generated DBML file, the file will inherit from DataContext and will already be set up to get a connection to the database. You simply need to create an instance of this file and write your query. As an example, the following code shows how to define a query against the authors table and then bind the results to a GridView.
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Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) In Transmission Control Protocol/Internet pro tocol (TCP/IP), a protocol that uses broadcast traffic on the local network to resolve a logically assigned Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) address to its phys ical hardware or Media Access Control (MAC) layer address. administrative credentials Logon information that is used to identify a member of an administrative group. Groups that use administrative credentials include Administrators, Domain Admins, and DNS Admins. Most systemwide or domainwide tasks require administrative credentials. administrator In the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 family, a person who is responsible for setting up and managing local computers, stand-alone servers, member servers, or domain controllers. An administrator sets up user and group accounts, assigns passwords and permissions, and helps users with networking problems. Administrators can be members of the Administrators group on local computers or servers. A person who is a member of the Administrators group on a local computer or server has full access to that computer or server and can assign access control rights to users as necessary. Administrators can also be members of the Domain Admins group on domain controllers and have full control over user and computer accounts residing in that domain. administrator account On a local computer, the first account that is created when you install an operating system on a new workstation, stand-alone server, or mem ber server. By default, this account has the highest level of administrative access to the local computer, and it is a member of the Administrators group. In an Active Directory domain, the first account that is created when you set up a new domain by using the Active Directory Installation Wizard. By default, this account has the highest level of administrative access in a domain, and it is a member of the Administrators, Domain Admins, Domain Users, Enterprise Admins, Group Policy Creator Owners, and Schema Admins groups. Administrators group On a local computer, a group whose members have the highest level of administrative access to the local computer. Examples of adminis trative tasks that can be performed by members of this group include installing programs; accessing all files on the computer; auditing access control; and creat ing, modifying, and deleting local user accounts. algorithm In cryptography, a mathematical process that is used in cryptographic operations such as the encryption and digital signing of data. An algorithm is com monly used with a cryptographic key to enhance security.
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msDSDefines which policy takes PasswordSettingsPrecedence precedence if more than one policy applies to a given user. The policy with the lowest precedence wins. msDS-PasswordReversible EncryptionEnabled msDSPasswordHistoryLength Whether passwords are stored with reversible encryption. False means they are not.
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In the previous section, we looked at the ways that you can get help from other Ruby developers, but once you ve gained a certain amount of Ruby knowledge, you ll be able to start helping people yourself. You can participate on the IRC chatrooms, forums, and mailing lists, and begin to answer some of the questions for those with lesser knowledge than yourself. Helping others isn t always the selfless, time-consuming act it might seem at first. Often, questions are asked that relate to your knowledge but require you to work out something new or identify a new solution to a problem you ve already solved. My personal experience with helping people in the IRC chatrooms has been that my mind has been constantly stretched. Although sometimes I might have the best answer, other times I might give an inaccurate or confusing answer that s then corrected by someone else, helping me to gain new insights. Don t be afraid to dive in and try to help others. If you feel your answer is right, even if it s not, it s likely that several people will try to help, and the Ruby community is generally forgiving of such errors. In the Ruby community, effort is often prized above prowess.
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Data Validation and Error Reporting
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The headlines were shortened on the Key Point slides to leave empty space on the screen where you could write with a Tablet PC stylus to increase engagement if you don t have a Tablet PC, insert text boxes on the screen instead.
Add a button control named button1 to the page. This control will be used to submit the page back to the server.
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