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Click Next to open the Specify Authentication Method For Terminal Server page, shown in Figure 25-9. There are two choices for authentication:
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instance, thereby not allowing it to be garbage collected. For information about how to unsubscribe, see the section Unsubscribing from an Event later in this chapter. When set to false (the default value when this parameter omitted), the event maintains a weak reference to the subscriber instance, thereby allowing the garbage collector to dispose of the subscriber instance when there are no other references to it. When the subscriber instance is collected, the event is automatically unsubscribed. Default Subscriptions For a minimal or default subscription, the subscriber must provide a callback method with the appropriate signature that receives the event notification. For example, the handler for the TickerSymbolSelectedEvent requires the method to take a string parameter, as shown in the following code example.
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Viewing Reports
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Important The IsDefined method is very convenient, but you must use it with caution . First,
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Let s first walk through an example where we will display the opportunities related to an account in a sub-grid on the Account form, as shown in Figure 7-25.
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25. Code-Tuning Strategies
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Why Planar
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Ch aPt er 13 W eB a P P L IC a tION Fr a MeW O r K S : r a I LS , S I N a t r a , a N D r a M a Z e
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Object-oriented metrics are metrics related to classes and class structure in languages such as C++, Java, and C#. The most popular of these are the object-oriented metrics created by Chidamber and Kemerer [6] known as CK metrics. CK metrics include the following: Weighted methods per class (WMC) Number of methods in a class Depth of inheritance tree (DIT) Number of classes a class inherits from Coupling between object classes (CBO) Number of times a class uses methods or instance variables from another class Advocates of object-oriented metrics suggest that classes with a large number of methods, deep inheritance trees, or excessive coupling are more difficult to test and maintain, and are more prone to contain defects. In object-oriented programming, fan-in and fan-out metrics are a measurement of how many classes call into a specific class and how many classes are called from a specific class. For example, if a class contains methods called by 5 other classes and in turn calls methods in 10 other classes, its fan-in measurement is 5, and its fan-out measurement is 10. These measurements are frequently quite effective as maintainability metrics, but they also indicate where additional testing might be needed. For example, if a class is called by dozens of other classes (high fan-in measurement), there is a high potential for any code changes in that class to cause a new failure to occur in one of the calling classes. Fan-in and fan-out measurements are also quite valuable in non-object-oriented programming when used at either the function or module level. Functions called by a high number of other functions can be some of the most difficult functions to maintain and test, and often simply cannot be changed. The biggest example of this I have seen in my career has been with Windows application programming interface (API) functions. Many of the core Windows functions are called by thousands of applications. Even the most trivial change to any of these functions has the potential to cause one of the calling functions to suddenly fail. Great care must be taken during maintenance of any function or module with a high fan-in measurement. From the testing perspective, this is a great place to be proactive. Determine as early as possible which functions, modules, or classes of your application will have the highest fan-in measurement, and concentrate testing efforts in that area. Conversely, fan-out measurements tell you how many dependencies you have. If you have a function or
WIDGET widget; LONGERWIDGET longerWidget
The comments merely repeat the code.
9. On the Lease Duration page, click Next. 10. On the Configure DHCP Options page, select Yes, I Want To Configure These Options Now, and click Next. 11. On the Router (Default Gateway) page, click Next. 12. On the Domain Name And DNS Servers page, type example.com in the Parent Domain text box. Type in the IP Address text box, click Add, and click Next. 13. On the WINS Servers page, click Next. 14. On the Activate Scope page, select Yes, I Want To Activate This Scope Now, and click Next. 15. On the Completing The New Scope Wizard page, click Finish.
CHAPTER 5: Doing More with Qt
To complete this chapter, you must have
Object Types and Basic Techniques
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