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Lesson 1: Debugging Websites
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FigURE 8-9 Trace information displayed on an ASP.NET page.
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Lesson 3: Creating and Consuming WCF Services
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<meta HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" Content="text/html; charset=Windows
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1. Listing 7-5 defines the constraint E_SALES_CHK in a rather cryptic way. Formulate the same constraint without using DECODE and NVL2. Solution 7-1a. Solution 1 check ((job = 'SALESREP' and comm is not null) or (job <>'SALESREP' and comm is null) )
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Action required
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Extending a Volume
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of traffic on the appropriate firewall and answering router interfaces connecting to the Internet and the perimeter network. The Routing And Remote Access Server Setup Wizard automatically configures the correct set of packet filters when you select the Remote Access (Dial-Up Or VPN) configuration. Use the default remote access policy, individual filters are also plumbed for each client address assigned. If you are using more than 500 connections concurrently, consider disabling the default IP filters option for better performance, but remember not to remove the base protocol filters for the server itself. For more information, see Appendix B.
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Summary of Condition Testing
Refusing to admit mistakes is a particularly annoying habit. If Sally refuses to admit a mistake, she apparently believes that not admitting the mistake will trick others into believing that she didn t make it. The opposite is true. Everyone will know she made a mistake. Mistakes are accepted as part of the ebb and flow of complex intellectual activities, and as long as she hasn t been negligent, no one will hold mistakes against her. If she refuses to admit a mistake, the only person she ll fool is herself. Everyone else will learn that they re working with a prideful programmer who s not completely honest. That s a more damning fault than making a simple error. If you make a mistake, admit it quickly and emphatically. Pretending to understand compiler messages when you don t is another common blind spot. If you don t understand a compiler warning or if you think you know what it means but are too pressed for time to check it, guess what s really a waste of time You ll probably end up trying to solve the problem from the ground up while the compiler waves the solution in your face. I ve had several people ask for help in debugging programs. I ll ask if they have a clean compile, and they ll say yes. Then they ll start to explain the symptoms of the problem, and I ll say, Hmmmm. That sounds like it would be an uninitialized pointer, but the compiler should have warned you about that. Then they ll say, Oh yeah it did warn about that. We thought it meant something else. It s hard to fool other people about your mistakes. It s even harder to fool the computer, so don t waste your time trying. A related kind of intellectual sloppiness occurs when you don t quite understand your program and just compile it to see if it works. In that situation, it doesn t really matter whether the program works because you don t understand it well enough to know whether it works or not. Remember that testing can only show the presence of errors, not their absence. If you don t understand the program, you can t test it thoroughly. Feeling tempted to compile a program to see what happens is a warning sign. It might mean that you need to back up to design or that you began coding before you were sure you knew what you were doing. Make sure you have a strong intellectual grip on the program before you relinquish it to the compiler.
Table 6-17. Contents of PvtCustOrders Table
3 Stored Procedures
Listings 5-19 and 5-20 show examples of using the date functions MONTHS_BETWEEN and ADD_MONTHS. Listing 5-19. Using the MONTHS_BETWEEN Function select ename, months_between(sysdate,bdate) from employees where deptno = 10; ENAME MONTHS_BETWEEN(SYSDATE,BDATE) -------- ----------------------------CLARK 467.5042 KING 618.2461 MILLER 508.0525
CODE ------CH PG --- --SQL 7 45
CC2E.COM/ 3595
Using Gallery2 from Within Joomla
1638), and Half sizes (font sizes 1.5 1637.5) to ensure that you force at least one test combination with a font size that is not an integer value. By creating equivalent class subsets of font size ranges, the test designer gives greater flexibility to the tester (or well-designed test automation) to select a test value in the specified range for a given combination. In this example, partitioning the range of font sizes into equivalence class subsets also eliminates hard-coded test values, which unnecessarily restrict the test data to a very small set of data values, which might or might not be interesting values to include in tests. After you have thoroughly analyzed the features to determine which parameters are interdependent and have decomposed the variable states for each parameter to select the appropriate variables to test with, you can create a BC matrix, as shown in Figure 5-6. The BC matrix is important because studies have demonstrated that the inclusion of a base choice matrix in conjunction with higher levels of n-wise tests increases the likelihood of exposing a greater number of potential defects resulting from parameter interaction, and pair-wise or n-wise combination tests might not necessarily include BC combinations. The BC matrix generally defines the most common variable state combination, and then changes the variable state for each parameter one at a time while holding the other parameter variable states to the original value until all variables are tested at least once.
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