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XAML <TabControl AutomationProperties.AutomationId="DetailsTabControl" cal:RegionManager.RegionName="{x:Static local:RegionNames.TabRegion}" cal:RegionManager.RegionContext="{Binding Path=SelectedEmployee.EmployeeId}" ...>
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64 128 Kbps (one channel or two)
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There are three steps to building a custom web part using the Spreadsheet Web Part Add-in: 1. Set up the Excel workbook, which will be used as the XML Spreadsheet file. 2. Use the Spreadsheet Web Part Add-in to specify web part settings. 3. Create the web part.
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For many people, the cycle seems so simple that they see it as not much more than common sense. Regardless, this is a powerful model because of its simplicity. The model is the basis of the Six Sigma DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) model, the ADDIE (Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, Evaluate) instructional design model, and many other improvement models from a variety of industries. Numerous examples of applications of this model can be found in software. For example, consider a team who noticed that many of the bugs found by testers during the last milestone could have been found during code review. 1. First, the team plans a process around code reviews perhaps requiring peer code review for all code changes. They also might perform some deeper analysis on the bugs and come up with an accurate measure of how many of the bugs found during the previous milestone could potentially have been found through code review. 2. The group then performs code reviews during the next milestone. 3. Over the course of the next milestone, the group monitors the relevant bug metrics. 4. Finally, they review the entire process, metrics, and results and determine whether they need to make any changes to improve the overall process.
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then be installed to execute this code . Of all of the Microsoft compilers mentioned, C++ is unique in that it is the only compiler that allows the developer to write both managed and unmanaged code and have it emitted into a single module . It is also the only Microsoft compiler that allows developers to define both managed and unmanaged data types in their source code . The flexibility provided by Microsoft s C++ compiler is unparalleled by other compilers because it allows developers to use their existing native C/C++ code from managed code and to start integrating the use of managed types as they see fit .
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Tip If the Con guration or Platform you would like to build isn t listed, you can type the name of the Con guration or Platform into the appropriate combo box. The nal (and optional) step of the MSBuild Project File Creation Wizard is the Options tab shown in Figure 10-10, which allows you to con gure testing and code analysis.
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This defines the SelectionChanged event, which is handled in code by the TextBox_SelectionChanged event handler. You can see that here:
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Lesson 1 Review
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Using Connection Manager for Quarantine Control and Certificate Provisioning
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Correct Answers: D and F A. Incorrect: Clients running Windows 98, Second Edition do not support NT LAN Manager version 2 (NTLMv2). Highly secure Windows Server 2003 domain controllers require that clients use at least NTLMv2 authentication. B. Incorrect: Computer accounts can be created either when the client joins the domain, or in advance. However, if the clients cannot access the domain control lers, they cannot join the domain regardless of how their accounts are created. C. Incorrect: The clients cannot access the domain controllers. It makes no differ ence which account is used to log on. D. Correct: Computers running Windows NT 4 Workstation with Service Pack 4 or later can use NTLMv2 authentication, and can therefore connect to a highly secure Windows Server 2003 domain controller. E. Incorrect: The only Windows clients that can currently use Kerberos version 5 are clients running Windows 2000 Professional and Windows XP. F. Correct: You can install the Active Directory Client Extensions pack enabling cli ents running Windows 98 to use NTLMv2 authentication, and to access Active Directory. At the time of this writing, it needs to be installed from a Microsoft Win dows Server 2000 CD-ROM.
12. Click the Close button to close the Add Web Parts pane. 13. Test the web part. Use the drop-down arrow on the web part and choose Modify Web Part to change the title bar text or other web part properties.
Quarantine Windows Defender moves the program to a different folder and prevents the program from running. If you later decide what you want to do with the quarantined program, click Tools and then click Quarantined Items. When you visit the quarantine, you can choose to restore an item (that is, return it to its prequarantine condition) or remove it from your computer. Always allow Windows Defender adds the program to the allowed list, and no longer alerts you to its presence and its risks. You should allow only software that you know to be safe. If you later change your mind, click Tools and then click Allowed Items. When you remove an item from the allowed list, Windows Defender does not remove the program from your computer but it does resume monitoring it and warning you when the program does something provocative.
This style of alignment works pretty well. It looks good, you can apply it consistently, and it s maintainable. It supports the Fundamental Theorem of Formatting in that it helps to show the logical structure of the code. It s a reasonable style choice. This style is standard in Java and common in C++.
Open the Site.master page. Remote the default NavigationMenu control. Add two SiteMapDataSource controls to the page. You can do so from the Toolbox in the Data section. Configure one SiteMapDataSource control to not show the first node in the source data; name this node menusitemapDatasource. Configure the second to show all of the site map data; name this node TreesitemapDatasource. These controls should look as follows.
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