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LISTING 12-2 Data de nition language and sample data for the Parts and BOM tables
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2. 3. c. Correct: You create a custom HTTP handler to respond to specific file types such as .docx. D. Incorrect: This is a factory class. It is used to create classes that dynamically manufacture
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Appendix A
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22 CLR Hosting and AppDomains
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instances don t come under the control of the garbage collector, so their use reduces pressure in the managed heap and reduces the number of collections an application requires over its lifetime . The .NET Framework SDK documentation clearly indicates which types are reference types and which are value types . When looking up a type in the documentation, any type called a class is a reference type . For example, the System.Exception class, the System.IO.FileStream class, and the System.Random class are all reference types . On the other hand, the documentation refers to each value type as a structure or an enumeration . For example, the System.Int32 structure, the System.Boolean structure, the System.Decimal structure, the System.TimeSpan structure, the System.DayOfWeek enumeration, the System.IO.FileAttributes enumeration, and the System.Drawing.FontStyle enumeration are all value types . If you look more closely at the documentation, you ll notice that all of the structures are immediately derived from the System.ValueType abstract type . System.ValueType is itself immediately derived from the System.Object type . By definition, all value types must be derived from System.ValueType . All enumerations are derived from the System.Enum abstract type, which is itself derived from System.ValueType . The CLR and all programming languages give enumerations special treatment . For more information about enumerated types, refer to 15, Enumerated Types and Bit Flags . Even though you can t choose a base type when defining your own value type, a value type can implement one or more interfaces if you choose . In addition, all value types are sealed, which prevents a value type from being used as a base type for any other reference type or value type . So, for example, it s not possible to define any new types using Boolean, Char, Int32, Uint64, Single, Double, Decimal, and so on as base types . Important For many developers (such as unmanaged C/C++ developers), reference types
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Compatibility and Virtualization
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If you re using Group By, SharePoint positions the total at the top of the group. Figure 4-11 shows totals for the entire column (Flight Miles), for the group (From), and for the subgroup (Fare Class).
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.net data matrix reader
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Server Products
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Main now calls WriteLine a second time . This time, the code for WriteLine has already
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concluded that by paying attention to the typographic principles of book design, you can get a 10 to 20 percent improvement in comprehension. A study with programmers at the University of Toronto produced similar results (Baecker and Marcus 1990). The Book Paradigm emphasizes the importance of providing documentation that explains both the high-level and the low-level organization of your program.
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The code is less readable and maintainable. If code is scattered with #if constructs,
To statically declare your columns in the .aspx source file, you use the <Columns> tag, as shown here:
The thinking here is that a reference to NewMail is copied into a temporary variable, temp, which refers to the chain of delegates at the moment the assignment is performed . Now, this method compares temp and null and invokes temp, so it doesn t matter if another thread changes NewMail after the assignment to temp . Remember that delegates are immutable and this is why this technique works in theory . However, what a lot of developers don t realize is that this code could be optimized by the compiler to remove the local temp variable entirely . If this happens, this version of the code is identical to the first version, so a NullReferenceException is still possible . To really fix this code, you should rewrite OnNewMail like this:
Using PPTP
<Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="White" ShowGridLines="True"> <Grid.ColumnDefinitions> <ColumnDefinition Width="150" /> <ColumnDefinition /> </Grid.ColumnDefinitions> <TextBlock Text="Apress, Inc." /> <TextBlock Grid.Column="1" Text="Beginning Silverlight 2 by Robert Lair" /> <basics:GridSplitter Background="LightGray"></basics:GridSplitter> </Grid> You no longer need to see the grid lines, so remove the ShowGridLines property.
Task Local User Accounts Create user account Delete user account Place account in a group Change user name
Managing Network Connections
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