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These data fields will insert the following text into an email message for a sample contact, Mr. Brian Valentine:
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Configuring Static Routes
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C09620245.fm Page 303 Wednesday, June 9, 2004 12:01 PM
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Part II Designing Types Thread Stack Heap Manager Type Object Type object ptr Sync block index Static fields GenProgressReport Employee Type Object Type object ptr Sync block index Static fields GetYearsEmployed GenProgressReport Lookup
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Figure 9-6: Test case management in Visual Studio Team System.
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Page Layout: A New View for Better Printing
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FIguRE 20-7 Making Visual Studio aware of your own exception type: the New Exception dialog box
WHERE sc.cart_id = inCartId AND sc.buy_now LOOP INSERT INTO order_detail (order_id, product_id, product_name, quantity, unit_cost) VALUES (outOrderId, cartItem.product_id, cartItem.name, cartItem.quantity, cartItem.price); orderTotalAmount := orderTotalAmount + cartItem.subtotal; END LOOP; -- Save the order's total amount UPDATE orders SET total_amount = orderTotalAmount WHERE order_id = outOrderId; -- Clear the shopping cart PERFORM shopping_cart_empty(inCartId); -- Return the Order ID RETURN outOrderId; END; $$; 7. Modify the CreateOrder method from the ShoppingCart class in business/shopping_cart.php as follows: // Create a new order public static function CreateOrder($customerId) { // Build the SQL query $sql = 'SELECT shopping_cart_create_order(:cart_id, :customer_id);'; // Build the parameters array $params = array (':cart_id' => self::GetCartId(), ':customer_id' => $customerId); // Prepare the statement with PDO-specific functionality $result = DatabaseHandler::Prepare($sql); // Execute the query and return the results return DatabaseHandler::GetOne($result, $params); } 8. Modify the init() method in presentation/smarty_plugins/function. load_checkout_info.php as highlighted: public function init() { // If the Place Order button was clicked, save the order to database if ($this->_mPlaceOrder == 1) { $order_id = ShoppingCart::CreateOrder(Customer::GetCurrentCustomerId()); // Redirect to index.php $redirect_link = 'http://' . getenv('SERVER_NAME');
For details on handling 2 programming religion as a 3 manager, see Religious 4 Issues in Section 28.5.
Managing Shared Folders and Printers
orderdate) orderdate) orderdate) orderdate)
Lesson 1: Understanding Network Infrastructures
Planning Your SBS Network
If a user is not authenticated, the browser requests a token from the issuer, which in this case is Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS). ADFS queries Active Directory for the necessary attributes and returns a signed token to the browser. After the POST arrives at the application, WIF takes over. The application has con gured a WIF HTTP module, named WSFederaEvent: SessionSecurityTokenReceived Arguments: raw security token
3 Stored Procedures
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