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The next step in our index optimization scale is to create a smaller nonclustered index that doesn t cover the query and that contains the ltered column (orderid), but not as the rst key column:
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11. XML Processing
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Windows Error Reporting has been streamlined and improved in Windows Vista. In Windows XP, the system was essentially manual; when an error occurred, you were invited to send a report to Microsoft. Following up an error report to see if a solution had become available was a cumbersome, discouraging process. In Windows Vista you can automate this entire reporting and follow-up process. The salient features of Windows Error Reporting in Windows Vista are as follows:
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Each dialog page can contain one or more prompt and response areas. Prompts guide the user through a process by indicating what users should be asking or entering into the dialog page. The prompt text provides an area to include static text, dynamic values, Microsoft Dynamics CRM data, or links to other web pages. At least one prompt is required for each page. However, responses are not required for each prompt. Responses allow users to enter information in the dialog page. This information can then be used to identify the next step in the dialog process or be stored or updated in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Tip When designing a dialog process, try to limit the number of prompts and responses for
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In which file should you write code to respond to the Application_Start event
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Figure 9-31
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Keywords in the side-by-side manifest that are embedded in the executable Keywords in specific StringTable entries that are linked in the executable Key attributes in the RC data that are linked in the executable
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Before I came to Microsoft, I was employee number 17 at a small software company just down the road from the Microsoft corporate campus. It was there that I first learned about the challenges of software testing, and it was there where I first realized how much those challenges fit my passions and strengths. It was also my first exposure to a bug tracking system. Our system solved some problems for our team but had a few issues of its own. I was the author of this system, and as I've discovered over the years, there was a lot I didn't know about managing bugs in 1994. Up until this point, as far as I can remember, we had tracked our bugs by using a combination of notes on whiteboards, color-coded sticky notes, and various e-mail messages. Of course, in this situation, organizing the data in one place would have obvious benefits, but we needed our system to do a few more things. We needed to assign bugs to specific people. We needed a way to provide additional information about the bug things like the steps needed to reproduce the bug, or the version of the software where the bug occurred. We needed to know when and how bugs were fixed so that the test team (me) could verify that the fix worked. In addition, we needed reporting so that we could monitor the number and types of bugs reported and fixed. My bug tracking system supported all of this but, unfortunately, not much more. In the end, it provided good information and helped the engineering team, but it was inflexible and slow. I hear it was replaced less than a year after I left to join Microsoft. Microsoft, of course, had a real bug tracking system. The system was built by an internal team and was named after a popular brand of insect spray. It used a Microsoft SQL Server database for storing bug information, and the front-end user interface contained fields I had never thought of when designing my system. I entered my first bug at Microsoft in this system (as well, I'm sure, as my tenth and my hundredth). This system, too, had its deficiencies, and by the time I had hit my five-year anniversary of working at Microsoft, most of the company had moved to yet another bug tracking system. This system, also developed internally, was named Product Studio. Product Studio has far fewer limitations than its predecessor had and is highly customizable. As of this writing, it is still widely used across Microsoft, although many teams have begun moving their bug tracking systems to the tools in Microsoft Visual Studio Team System (which, incidentally, is based largely on Product Studio). This chapter contains information, discussions, and examples of bug tracking and test case management tools generally in use at Microsoft, along with some lessons learned and practical tips based on years of use by thousands of test teams and testers.
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Try It Out: Creating a File Explorer for Isolated Storage
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String When a string is embedded directly into code, using quotation marks as earlier, the construction is called a string literal. This differs from a string whose data comes from a remote source, such as a user typing in text, a file, or the Internet. Any text that s pre-embedded within a program is a string literal. Like numbers, strings can be included in operations, added to, and compared against. You can also assign strings to variables: x = "Test" y = "String" puts "Success!" if x + y == "TestString"
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Simple Application Deployment (Privately Deployed Assemblies)
23 Assembly Loading and Reflection
Primitive Thread Synchronization Constructs
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Windows Media Player 11 is the playback engine for music and video files and includes the CD-ripping engine for saving music in digital formats. It s where you connect with Windows-compatible download services and where you manage your library of digital music (songs, albums, and playlists) and movie files. Windows Photo Gallery provides the tools for importing images from digital cameras, performing minor touchup and cropping, and tagging the image files with keywords that make it easier to find them later. From the Photo Gallery, you can burn photos to a data CD or DVD or (in Home Premium and Ultimate editions only) a Video DVD. You can also share photos via e-mail and create a Windows Movie Maker project starting with a selection of image files from the Windows Photo Gallery.
public abstract class Home extends BasePage { public Date getTime() { return new Date(); } } This abstract class extends the Tapestry BasePage abstract class, which in turn implements the IPage interface. We will learn more about both of these classes and interfaces as we work through the sample. Figure 7-3 shows a partial class hierarchy for the BasePage class. Remember, in Tapestry everything is a component, including pages.
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