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When a Failure Occurs During Testing
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Lesson 1: Configuring Globalization and Localization
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Implementing a DNS Infrastructure
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I used the GUID that I planted in the code to easily identify the plan associated with my specific query, but of course, you might not have such a GUID planted in your procedure s code . You can specify any part of the query that is sufficient to identify it uniquely . Run the following code to ensure that the plan guide is used:
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Description Account logon events occur when a user logs on or logs off another computer that uses this computer to validate the account. This happens only on a server running Windows Server, and is therefore not applicable on a computer running Windows Vista. Account management events occur when a user account or group is created, changed, or deleted; when a user account is renamed, enabled, or disabled; or when a password is set or changed. Directory service access events occur when a user accesses an Active Directory object that has its own system ACL. (This is the same as object access except that it applies only to Active Directory objects in a Windows domain.) Logon events occur when a user logs on or logs off a workstation or connects via a network. Object access events occur when a user accesses a file, folder, printer, registry key, or other object that is set for auditing. Policy change events occur when a change is made to user rights assignment policies, audit policies, or trust policies.
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Lesson 2: Creating and Consuming XML Web Services
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C05620245.fm Page 130 Tuesday, June 8, 2004 6:39 PM
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WITH Agg AS ( SELECT SUM(qty) AS sumqty, AVG(qty) AS avgqty FROM dbo.sales ) SELECT stor_id, ord_num, title_id, CONVERT(VARCHAR(10), ord_date, 120) AS ord_date, qty, CAST(1.*qty / sumqty * 100 AS DECIMAL(5, 2)) AS per, qty - avgqty as diff FROM dbo.sales, Agg;
Exporting a Trusted Certi cate
Estimated lesson time: 60 minutes
This chapter covers built-in data-caching features in ASP .NET . Caching is a long-standing means of improving the performance of any software system . The idea is to place frequently used data in quickly accessed media . Even though access times for mass storage continue to improve, accessing data from a standard hard disk is much slower than accessing it in memory . By taking often-used data and making it available quickly, you can improve the performance of your application dramatically . The ASP .NET runtime includes a dictionary (key/value map) of Common Language Runtime (CLR) objects . The Cache lives with the application and is available through the HttpContext and System.Web.UI.Page . Using the cache is very much like using the Session object . You can access items in the cache using an indexer . In addition, you can control the lifetime of objects in the cache and even set up links between the cached objects and their physical data sources . This chapter starts by examining a case in which using the cache is justified .
find handy when following the verbal description of the algorithm . The following code implements this algorithm:
A common low-level design decision is the choice of whether to compute results on the fly or compute them once, save them, and look them up as needed. If the results are used many times, it s often cheaper to compute them once and look them up the rest of the time. This choice manifests itself in several ways. At the simplest level, you might compute part of an expression outside a loop rather than inside. An example of this appeared earlier in the chapter. At a more complicated level, you might compute a lookup table once when program execution begins, using it every time thereafter, or you might store results in a data file or embed them in a program. In a space-wars video game, for example, the programmers initially computed gravity coefficients for different distances from the sun. The computation for the gravity coefficients was expensive and affected performance. The program recognized relatively few distinct distances from the sun, however, so the programmers were able to precompute the gravity coefficients and store them in a 10-element array. The array lookup was much faster than the expensive computation. Suppose you have a routine that computes payment amounts on automobile loans. The code for such a routine would look like this:
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