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Neither of these solutions provides the necessary scalability, in terms of cost, flexi ble administration, and demand for connections. Therefore, it makes sense to replace the modem pools and private network infrastructure with a less expensive solution based on Internet technology so that the business can focus on its core competencies. With an Internet solution, a few Internet connections through Internet service providers (ISPs) and VPN server computers can serve the remote networking needs of hundreds or thousands of remote clients and branch offices.
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Secondary Constraints
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NoStdLib NoVBRuntimeReference
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<x:LastName>Esposito</x:LastName> <d:Position>CEO</d:Position> <d:Territories> <d:int>1</d:int> <d:int>2</d:int> <d:int>3</d:int> </d:Territories> </Employee> Classes that must be serialized to XML can't use most of the more common collection classes. For example, the ArrayList class is serializable, but NameValueCollection, Hashtable, and ListDictionary are not. The reason lies in the extra constraints set for the classes that implement ICollection and IEnumerable. In particular, a class that implements IEnumerable must also implement a public Add method that takes a single parameter. This condition filters out dictionaries and hash tables but keeps ArrayList and StringCollection objects on board. In addition, the type of the argument you pass to Add must be polymorphic with the type returned by the Current property of the underlying enumerator object. A class that implements the ICollection interface can't be serialized if it does not have an integer indexer that is, a public Item indexed property that accepts integer indexes. The class must also have a public Count property of type integer. The type of the argument passed to Add (only one argument is allowed) must be compatible with the type returned by Item. Serializing Enumerated Types XML serialization supports enumerated types. The serialized stream contains the named constant that identifies the value. The enum value is stored as a string, and neither the actual value nor the type are serialized. During deserialization, the named value is reassociated with the underlying enum value through the Enum.Parse static method. The Notion of Serializability Having the Add method take exactly one argument is a strong, but rather inevitable, constraint that is needed to wed consistency with effectiveness of coding. Unlike runtime serialization, XML serialization never actively involves objects. XML serialization instead treats objects as passive entities. It parses their interface through reflection and irrevocably decides whether a given object can be serialized. The basic notion of serializability is different in the two approaches. Run-time serialization is a more rigorous process based on the assumption that classes make themselves serializable by taking clear actions. XML serialization, on the other hand, is a centralized process that involves classes only for the details of the final XML schema. The XML serialization process makes assumptions about what the classes should do (or, better yet, should have done) to be serializable. Collection classes, in particular, are seen simply as a collection of objects of a given type. By enforcing this basic concept, the XML serializer discards all collections that do not provide such an interface that is, the Add method to append new objects of that type and the Item property (or the enumerator) to return a particular object of that type. 399
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
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Part I Introducing Silverlight 3
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Part V
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Figure 8-8. Choose formatting options in the Web Query Options dialog box.
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Input Validation and Site Navigation
--Set the part number to a new GUID so we can run --this an unlimited number of times SET @partno = NEWID(); -- Populate the message body SET @message_body = '<Item> <PartNumber>' + CAST (@partno as NVARCHAR(50)) + '</PartNumber> <Description>2 cm Left Threaded machine screw</Description> <Quantity>5883</Quantity> <ReorderLevel>1000</ReorderLevel> <Location>Aisle 32, Rack 7, Bin 29</Location> </Item>'; BEGIN TRANSACTION -- Begin a dialog to the Hello World Service BEGIN DIALOG @Dialog FROM SERVICE [//microsoft.com/ManufacturingService] TO SERVICE '//microsoft.com/InventoryService' ON CONTRACT [//microsoft.com/Inventory/AddItemContract] WITH ENCRYPTION = OFF, LIFETIME = 3600;
MODE([Column1], [Column2],[Column3])
Many of the methods and properties used with the Membership class are actually implemented by calling a corresponding method or properties in the underlying provider. Table 10-7 lists the methods defined by the MembershipProvider base class.
n Note You can learn more about DNS at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Domain_Name_System.
If, however, we define a variable of the interface type, we will lose compile-time type safety and experience undesired boxing again:
Table 9-22. Integer Sort Values Calculated Based on sortpath Order
void ProcessCollection<T>(IEnumerable<T> collection) { ... }
. . . 1 . . Add a new Web Form to the project to hold some image controls . Call the page UseImageControls .aspx. 2 . . Drag an Image control from the Toolbox to the page . 3 . . Go to the Properties pane and add a valid path to an image to the ImageUrl property . The image file can be on your own computer, or you can point the ImageUrl property to a valid URL for an image on the Web . To use an image on the Web, right-click an image in the browser and click Properties . Then, copy the URL from the Properties pane and paste it in the ImageUrl in the property explorer . If the file is on your computer, you need to add it to your Web project by dragging the image file from your local drive to the ControlPotpourri solution in Solution Explorer . If you d like to organize your images in separate folders, simply create a new folder and drag the images there . If you want to use an image from the Web, you need to edit the ImageUrl property manually in Source view . Needless to say, no matter which image URL you use, if the image cannot be found (with a resulting error in the <img/> tag), you ll get the standard image not found message in your browser . In Microsoft Internet Explorer, this message takes the form of a box with a red X in the center . 4 . . Run the site and see what the ASP .NET Image control produces . (Note that your image URL will undoubtedly differ from the example that follows .)
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