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You administer a network that is part of a corporate WAN. All internal routers in your network are multihomed servers running Windows Server 2003, and they all have RIP v2 installed. Your network is allocated the segment of the corporate pri vate IP address scheme. Users in your network never communicate with users on the segment, and you do not want any network addresses from that segment in your routing table. How do you exclude these addresses A. Configure a RIP route filter. B. Configure a TCP/IP filter. C. Configure a packet filter. D. Configure a RIP peer filter.
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Inside the Loop
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1. Open the Internet Authentication Service administrative tool. 2. In the console tree, click Remote Access Policies. 3. In the details pane, double-click VPN Remote Access To Intranet. 4. In the VPN Remote Access To Intranet Properties dialog box, click Edit Profile. 5. On the Authentication tab, click EAP Methods. 6. In the Select EAP Providers dialog box, click Add. 7. In the Add EAP dialog box, click Smart Card Or Other Certificate, and then click OK. 8. Click Edit. 9. If the properties of the computer certificate that was issued to the IAS1 com puter appear in the Smart Card Or Other Certificate Properties dialog box, IAS has an acceptable computer certificate installed to perform EAP-TLS authentication. Click OK three times. 10. When prompted to view Help, click No. Click OK to save changes to the remote access policy, allowing it to authorize VPN connections using the EAP-TLS authentication method. 11. Use gpupdate to update Group Policy.
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By contrast, if you point the driver installer to an unsigned file while running a 32-bit version of Windows Vista, you see the dialog box shown in Figure 5-2. You can cancel the installation and look for a signed file, or you can ignore the warning and continue.
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FIGURE 12-7 Execution plan for HIERARCHYID subtree query
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Lesson 1: Performing Input Validation
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namespace Ch5_DataGridCustomColumns { public class StartingHands { public string Nickname { get; set; } public string Notes { get; set; } public string Card1 { get; set; } public string Card2 { get; set; } public static ObservableCollection<StartingHands> GetHands() {
believe we said that we re the quintessential command-line types for almost everything. But this is one time where graphical just makes sense.)
Being Authentic
The ToString method returns a canonical representation of the path, using slashes to separate the values at each level. This query generates the following output:
A plus sign (+) between two key names means that you must press those keys at the same time. For example, Press Alt+Tab means that you hold down Alt while you press Tab. A comma (,) between two or more key names means that you must press each of the keys consecutively, not together. For example, Press Alt, F, X means that you press and release each key in sequence. Press Alt+W, L means that you first press Alt and W at the same time, and then release them and press L.
Custom Aggregates
The error is that Many-Loop, Mavis and Modula, Mildred are out of order.
Note that you can place a legend anywhere you wish on the chart, and you not only can format the overall legend but format specific text elements of it . Data Labels The data labels (identified by the number 8 in Figure 1-27) provide additional information about individual data points . They must always be used if it s important to provide specific information in the chart that can t be conveyed in any other way . Nevertheless, I generally wouldn t recommend overloading a visual presentation with too much accompanying information . Therefore, only use data labels if you specifically need to highlight or clarify certain details . Therefore, you should generally only apply data labels to particularly important data points . In Figure 1-27, the values of the data points are shown in the data labels . The use of data series names or category names (as substitutes or in any combination) is also possible . Data Table The data table (identified by the number 9 in Figure 1-27) is an adoption of the tabular data basis of the chart into the chart itself and is linked to the chart axis where the categories are illustrated . The width and distribution of the data table and its cells will depend on the size of the plot area and complexity of the grid . Only use the data table if you want to display a few values with it . As a construct with multiple lines, it s usually more confusing than helpful .
Figure 1-8. Microsoft Expression Blend 2
Primitive Thread Synchronization Constructs
A Connection Manager profile created with the Windows Server 2003 Con
Not only can you embed Qt objects into a page s JavaScript runtime, but you can embed visible widgets in the page as well. This is handy if you want to use HTML and CSS to control the layout of Qt application components, although doing so is a little more finicky than simply embedding a QObject. QtWebKit supports QObject-based plugins, which are visible entities in the web content drawn by Qt widgets. For example, Figure 5 2 shows a QDateTime editor embedded in an HTML window.
For PPTP TCP port 1723 and protocol number 47. For L2TP/IPSec, UDP ports 4500 and 500 , and protocol number 50.
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