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With all of these items selected, click the Unpublish button near the top of the screen. When Joomla returns the updated Menu Manager screen, you should see that all of the checked items now have a small red X in the Published column where a green check mark appeared before, as shown in Figure 2-36.
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Write the headlines for the rest of the slides of your presentation. Distill your ideas to their essence. Establish a priority and a sequence for your slides.
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IPSec Auth trailer
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You can access the DNS Events log through the Event Viewer node in the DNS console. The Event Logging tab, shown in Figure 5-9, allows you to restrict the events written to the DNS Events log file to only errors or to only errors and warnings. It also allows you to disable DNS logging. For more powerful features related to the filtering of DNS events, use the Filtering tab of the DNS Events Properties dialog box. You can open this dialog box by selecting Event Viewer in the left pane of the DNS console, right-clicking DNS Events in the right pane, and selecting Properties.
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After adding these folders, your folder structure should look like this: hatshop/ include/ configs/ libs/ smarty/ internals/ plugins/ presentation/ templates/ templates_c/
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3. Type the IP address or addresses that will be allowed to connect to this computer in this example, using Remote Desktop. You can use Classless InterDomain Routing (CIDR) notation or enter specific IP addresses. (CIDR notation specifies the number of bits in the subnet mask. For example, to represent a subnet mask of, append /24 to the IP address.) The second example shown in the dialog box shows how you can include all addresses in a subnet. Most users will quite happily be able to use the default secure configuration included with Windows Vista. However, some networks require additional rules for exotic protocols or a more advanced configuration than the one included by default with Windows Firewall. For these cases, you can configure quite complex rules using Windows Firewall With Advanced Security using the method described previously in this chapter for enabling ICMP Echo Requests.
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This method returns a MembershipUser object representing the current logged-on user. Call this method any time you need to access the current user s account.
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A comment that summarizes code does just that: It distills a few lines of code into one or two sentences. Such comments are more valuable than comments that merely repeat the code because a reader can scan them more quickly than the code. Summary comments are particularly useful when someone other than the code s original author tries to modify the code.
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Backing Up Before You Edit
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Page 16
so that you can double-click Ruby files to execute them.
FIGURE 4-15 Accessing the actions menu on a file attachment
A property definition in the managed assembly s metadata, which is always emitted . There s no special parameterful property metadata definition table because, to the CLR, parameterful properties are just properties .
The second benefit of generic interfaces is that much less boxing will occur when working with value types . Notice in SomeMethod1 that the non-generic IComparable interface s CompareTo method expects an Object; passing y (an Int32 value type) causes the value in y to be boxed . However, in SomeMethod2, the generic IComparable<in T> interface s CompareTo method expects an Int32; passing y causes it to be passed by value, and no boxing is necessary . Note The FCL defines non-generic and generic versions of the IComparable, ICollection,
6 The statements below the begin are indented as if they were subordinate to it.
Intranet Network Infrastructure
C ha p t e r 1 5 n N e t W O r K I N G , S O C K e t S , a N D D a e M O N S
If we re constantly talking about primary axes, there must also be secondary axes . The charts of the types that have been discussed so far in this chapter can be equipped with second value axes and second category axes . The prerequisites:
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