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Avoid variables with hidden meanings Another way in which a variable can be used for more than one purpose is to have different values for the variable mean different things. For example
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public void SerializeObjectGraph(FileStream fs, IFormatter formatter, Object rootObj) { // Save the current position of the file. Int64 beforeSerialization = fs.Position; try { // Attempt to serialize the object graph to the file. formatter.Serialize(fs, rootObj); } catch { // Catch any and all exceptions. // If ANYTHING goes wrong, reset the file back to a good state. fs.Position = beforeSerialization; // Truncate the file. fs.SetLength(fs.Position); // NOTE: The preceding code isn't in a finally block because // the stream should be reset only when serialization fails. // Let the caller(s) know what happened by re-throwing the SAME exception. throw; } }
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Problem: x was 0 Problem: I don t know what the problem is
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show: function() { if (feedName==null){; } var template = this.getTemplate(); var topBar = template.getHeaderTopBar(); floatingMenu.destroy(); floatingMenu = new Nokia.FloatingMenu({ autoRender: false, element: '.nokia-template-header-icon-menu', elementHoverClass: 'nokia-template-header-icon-menu-hover', offsetTop: 60,
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You might expect that ASP would be implemented as an ISAPI filter, but as you can see in this investigation of the ASP.dll included with IIS 5.0, ASP is implemented using an ISAPI extension. It s surprisingly simple to create your own ASP-like system. Simply register an extension you want to process and add it to the Application Configuration dialog box. Next create an ISAPI DLL that will be called when a file with the specified extension is included in a URL. When a URL with the specified file extension is requested, the HttpExtensionProc function in the ISAPI DLL is called. ISAPI DLLs have access to callback functions to allow them to get all the information they need to process requests. Why might you create your own ISAPI DLL and map it to a specific file extension If you have very specialized scripting requirements, this might be a reasonable solution if no other reasonable scripting alternative is available. Or you might want to create an ASP-like scripting engine in a language not currently available. With the advent of ASP.NET, there s very little reason to implement a different language in exactly this way. ASP.NET provides a much more convenient and powerful way to include of new languages.
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Compute-Bound Asynchronous Operations
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Sometimes, a native resource consumes a lot of memory, but the managed object wrapping that resource occupies very little memory . The quintessential example of this is the bitmap . A bitmap can occupy several megabytes of native memory, but the managed object is tiny because it contains only an HBITMAP (a 4- or 8-byte value) . From the CLR s perspective, a process could allocate hundreds of bitmaps (using little managed memory) before performing a collection . But if the process is manipulating many bitmaps, the process s memory consumption will grow at a phenomenal rate . To fix this situation, the GC class offers the following two static methods:
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The HOST command (most implementations support a platform-specific shortcut, such as $ or !) allows you to execute commands at the underlying operating system; for example, on a Microsoft Windows system, a command window is opened. Depending on the underlying operating system, you can finish the subsession and return to your SQL*Plus session with EXIT, LOGOUT, or a similar command.
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One thing that's been amazing at Microsoft is the impact that our monitoring data has had on how we prioritize our software work. I'm sure you've all seen in Windows that whenever an application or the system malfunctions, you get the ability to send a report back to Microsoft. We get a lot of those reports, and we've created very good data-management systems to go in and look at those things, and therefore understand what drivers aren't reliable. We allow anyone who has an application that runs on Windows to sign up and get the
// constructors public ScheduleEntry() { } // getters and setters public Integer getId() { return id; } public void setId(Integer id) { = id; } public String getName() { return name; } public void setName(String name) { = name; } public String getDescription() { return description; } public void setDescription(String description) { this.description = description; } public User getUser() { return user; } public void setUser(User user) { this.user = user; } public Session getSession() { return session; } public void setSession (Session session) { this.session = session; }
Keyboard Input
1234.56789.ToString("N") = 1,234.57 1234567.89.ToString("N3") = 1,234,567.890
What s New in Windows Vista
Windows Server Backup is installed automatically, but it must be con gured for your purposes. To start the con guration, open Windows SBS Console, click Backup And Server Storage, and then follow these steps:
A. Any ASP.NET server page with an .aspx extension B. Web.config c. Global.asax D. Any ASP.NET server page with an .aspx.vb or .aspx.cs extension
Figure 8-39. CB installs a significant number of plug-ins and allows installation of additional ones. Tools: The Tools Manager lets you load sample data, synchronize the existing Joomla user table with the CB user table, and test the CB databases for integrity. Configuration: The Configuration Manager lets you modify parameters for everything from the user profile display, to the registration workflow, to the moderator interface.
Figure 8-1. Set the Item Rating/Voting parameter to allow user rating of articles.
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