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Understand the architecture of WCF. Create a WCF service in ASP.NET and host it. Call a WCF service from an ASP.NET webpage. Create and consume a WCF Data Service.
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CPU Details Disk Details Network Details Memory Details Adding Performance Counters Changing the Performance Monitor Display Saving the Performance Monitor Display Viewing Reliability Monitor on a Remote Computer How to Interpret the System Stability Index Creating a Data Collector Set Working with Data Log Files
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_target _methodPtr _invocationList
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Note Visual Studio 2005 doesn t support visual editing of pages with nested masters. If you have two or more nested master pages, neither the child masters nor the content pages can be visually edited. You get an error message that suggests switching to the source view and entering changes codewise.
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As part of your responsibilities, you must field calls from employees in all three offices. Typically, workers describe a problem they are experiencing, and you must decide which diagnostic tool is most appropriate to use in solving the problem. The problems from six different callers are described next. For each case, determine whether the situation can best be resolved by using Network Monitor, Ping, Tracert, PathPing, Netdiag, or Network Diagnostics. Provide a reason to justify each of your choices. Write your answers in the space provided. 1. A user on your local subnet (Subnet E) cannot connect to any network resources.
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Opening an XML Source
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suggested Practices
You can gauge the adequacy of your computer s physical memory by watching the Memory graph in the Resource Overview (see Using Resource Overview, in the Monitoring Performance in Real Time section later in this chapter). The blue line on the graph indicates the percentage of your physical memory that s currently in use. If this line hovers in the sub-arctic zone (say, north of 60 percent) most of the time under your typical working conditions, you might want to consider adding memory to your computer, particularly if you are also seeing the green line on the same graph, the line that indicates the number of hard faults per second your system is generating, spike off the top of the graph for extended periods of time. (A hard fault, which despite its name is not an error condition, is an instance where a block of memory needed by the operating system has to be fetched from the page file on the hard disk. A high number of hard faults per second indicates a large perhaps excessive reliance on virtual memory, with consequent adverse performance effects.) On the other hand, if the blue line on the Memory graph typically dwells in tropical or temperate regions (say, at 45 percent or less), you re not likely to see sharp performance gains from an increase in physical memory.
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{ // // Set up some internal variables to determine // size and position of the bar and the // companion text // // Draw the value (top of the bar) g.DrawString(dt.Rows[i][fieldValue].ToString(), fnt, textBrush, x, yCaption); // Draw the bar Rectangle bar = new Rectangle(x, yBarTop, barWidth - 10, barHeight); LinearGradientBrush fill = new LinearGradientBrush(bar, Color.SpringGreen, Color.Yellow, LinearGradientMode.BackwardDiagonal); g.FillRectangle(fill, bar); fill.Dispose(); // Draw the employee name (bottom of the bar) g.DrawString(dt.Rows[i][fieldLabel].ToString(), fnt, textBrush, x, barBottom + textHeight); } At the end of the loop, the bar chart is completely rendered in the Bitmap object. The bitmap is still held in memory in an intermediate, internal format, however. Two more steps are necessary: converting the bitmap to a public format such JPEG, BMP, or GIF, and figuring out a way to persist or transfer its content. Encoding Images as BinHex Converting a Bitmap object to one of the commonly used image formats is a nonissue. You call the Save method on the Bitmap object, pick up one of the supported formats, and you're done. The real difficulty has to do with the planned use of this helper class. Remember, we designed this class for later use within a .NET Remoting server and a Web service. When Web services in particular are involved, having the helper class save the image to persistent storage just doesn't make sense. An alternative approach would be saving the bitmap locally on the server in a location accessible for download via FTP or HTTP. Creating files on the server might pose security problems, however, and normally forces the system administrator to change default settings to allow for local files being created. The SalesDataProvider helper class was designed to return the dynamically created image as an encoded text string packed in an XML document. This approach is not optimal in a .NET Remoting scenario, but it probably represents the only option if you have to also publish the function through a Web service. 435
At this point, you re ready to initiate the bulk copy. You simply add a call to one of the WriteToServer overloads and release the connections.
// You might _resetstkoflw
You create role-based access rules on the Security tab in the WSAT. An access rule allows you to define folder-level access to items in your site on either a per-user or role basis. You start by clicking the Create Access Rules link. This takes you to the Add New Access Rule page, as shown in Figure 13-3. From here, you can apply a rule to a role, an individual user, all users, or anonymous users. You select a folder for the rule, choose to whom the rule applies, and specify whether you intend to allow or deny permission.
Planning the Network Infrastructure
Here s another common implementation of dynamic filters using static code:
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