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The entries in Table 4-1 show a small cross section of the functionality available in System.Web.UI.Control . Later you visit all these members while investigating ASP .NET Web Forms . Remember from the last chapter that ASP .NET Web Forms manage a collection of controls as part of their internal structure . As you add controls to a Web page, they re placed in the collection . When it comes time for a page to render its content back to the client, System.Web.UI.Page iterates the collection of controls and asks each one to render itself . If a control contains subcontrols (just as a page includes controls), ASP .NET walks down those collections as well . You can see the RenderContents method in Table 4-1 . RenderContents takes a single argument of type HtmlTextWriter . You examine that class later in this chapter . Right now, think of it as the conduit through which you send the page s response back to the client . Other elements of the Control class include items such as the following:
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Figure 16-5. A basic text editor developed with just 17 lines of Ruby code!
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Target batching is similar to task batching in that an operation is invoked once per batch. Task batching is the process of invoking an individual task once per batch; target batching is executing a target once per batch. Target batching is driven entirely by the Outputs attribute of the target. Based on the batches created, the target is executed once per batch. Target batching is not used very much in practice, but task batching is. Take a look at the following le, TargetBatching01.proj, for a simple example.
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Configuring Pre-Windows Vista Applications for Compatibility with UAC
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When instantiated, a struct is allocated memory on the stack or inline if it's a member of a heap resident object, such as a class. Memory allocated to a struct instance contains the member data, not references to the data. Struct instances are disposed of as soon as they lose scope; they are not garbage collected.
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Review audit logs and other logs looking for needs to restrict further access. Use Web proxies to limit user access to external resources. Use firewalls to limit access to internal networks.
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Load the web site in your favorite browser, and notice the error message you get. If you do this test, make sure to remove the problematic line afterwards!
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This method interns the word and assumes that the wordlist contains references to interned strings . First, this version might be saving memory if a word appears in the wordlist multiple times because, in this version, wordlist would now contain multiple references to the same single String object in the heap . Second, this version will be faster because determining if the specified word is in the array is simply a matter of comparing pointers . Although the NumTimesWordAppearsIntern method is faster than the NumTimesWordAppearsEquals method, the overall performance of the application might be slower when using the NumTimesWordAppearsIntern method because of the time it takes to intern all of the strings when they were added to the wordlist array (code not shown) . The NumTimesWordAppearsIntern method will really show its performance and memory improvement if the application needs to call the method multiple times using the same wordlist . The point of this discussion is to make it clear that string interning is useful, but it
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When the wizard nishes, you re at the main Disk Management console, shown in Figure 11-3. Notice that the disk is still not formatted or allocated and is highlighted in black (if you haven t changed the default color settings for the Disk Management console).
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Adding Employees Who Manage No One (Leaves)
Displaying Data
neither color scheme is intended as a real warning signal . Here, the only purpose is to draw attention to the values . Given the type and composition of the indicators to be analyzed here, this solution is sufficient . In any case, no alternative is available . After all, exceeding or falling short of a company-specific threshold value may or may not be a problem, depending on the individual indicator and situation . In each case, the degree of fluctuation and the influence of other factors must also be taken into account . Therefore, we have to leave it to the expertise and interpretative capabilities of the user to assess the significance of the fluctuations within or outside of the defined margins . The simple and overused traffic-light system (where green is good and red is bad) is not suitable here .
Server Configuration
We should forget about small efficiencies, say about 97% of the time: premature optimization is the root of all evil. Donald Knuth
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CM is a client dialer, included in Windows Server 2003 and designed to be deployed and run on remote access clients, whose advanced features make it a superset of basic dial-up networking. Windows Server 2003 includes a set of tools that enables a network administrator to deliver preconfigured connection profiles and scripts to network users in a user-friendly, easy-to-use, graphically driven interface. These administration tools are the Connection Manager Administration Kit (CMAK) and Connection Point Services (CPS). CM provides phone-book support for local and remote connections to your remote access service using a network of dial-up remote access points, such as those available worldwide through Internet service providers (ISPs). If your service requires secure connections beyond basic dial-up over the Internet, you can also use CM to establish VPN connections to your service by having it launch an L2TP/IPSec or PPTP connection over the Internet connection. Other optional solutions that can be provided by CM are:
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