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How Do I Configure the Security Block
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Emulation versus Hypervisor
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4.6 BETWEEN, IN, and LIKE..............................................................................................98
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Windows XP
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In this chapter, we ve looked at Ruby s support for building lower-level networking tools and servers, as well as using Ruby to develop daemons and other persistently running processes. Let s reflect on the main concepts covered in this chapter: Network: A collection of computers connected in such a way that they can send and receive data between one another. TCP (Transmission Control Protocol): A protocol that handles connections between two machines over an IP-based network, and ensures packets are transmitted and received successfully and in the correct order. UDP (User Datagram Protocol): A protocol that allows two computers to send and receive messages between each other where no connection is made and no assurances are made whether the data is received by the remote party. IP (Internet Protocol): A packet-based protocol for delivering data across networks. IP also makes provisions for each machine connected to the network to have one or many IP addresses. DNS (Domain Name Service): A system of referencing host or machine names against different IP addresses and converting between the two. For example, a DNS server will convert apress.com into the IP address Ping: The process of verifying whether a machine with a particular IP is valid and accepting requests by sending it a small packet of data and waiting for a response. Server: A process that runs on a machine and responds to clients connecting to it from other machines, such as a web server. Client: A process that connects to a server, transmits and receives data, and then disconnects once a task is completed. A web browser is a basic example of a client.
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another user attempts to access a shared resource, Windows sends the user name and password that the person used to log on to his or her own computer. If that matches the credentials for an account on your computer, the user gets immediate access to the shared resource (assuming permissions to use the particular resource have been granted to that user account). If either the user name or the password does not match, the user will be asked to provide credentials, in a dialog box like the one shown below.
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Implementing, Managing, and Maintaining IP Addressing (1.0)
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Lesson 1
As you saw in 5, the rst ve slides of your presentation accomplish the crucial work of orienting the audience to your story and making the experience personal and relevant to them. When you import your headlines into PowerPoint, an additional slide is inserted in front of these ve slides a Title slide is automatically created from your title and byline, as shown in Figure 7-2. Now you will sketch illustrations for the Title slide along with the Act I slides to powerfully complement the clear and coherent ow of ideas you set in motion in the beginning of your story.
SET NOCOUNT ON; USE InsideTSQL2008; IF OBJECT_ID('Sales.CustsWithOrders', 'V') IS NOT NULL DROP VIEW Sales.CustsWithOrders; GO CREATE VIEW Sales.CustsWithOrders AS SELECT custid, companyname, contactname, contacttitle, address, city, region, postalcode, country, phone, fax FROM Sales.Customers AS C WHERE EXISTS (SELECT * FROM Sales.Orders AS O WHERE O.custid = C.custid); GO
You might wonder why the earliest date supported by the DATETIME data type is January 1, 1753 technically, the data type could support earlier dates . This limitation is related to the shift from the Julian to Gregorian calendar . For details, see the sidebar Why Is 1753 the Earliest Date for DATETIME
Tip Many people refer to a Microsoft Dynamics CRM system with a large number of custom
nod2 novc noignoretc port=53 type=A class=IN timeout=2 retry=1 root=A.ROOT-SERVERS.NET. domain=domain1.local MSxfr IXFRversion=1 srchlist=domain1.local >
Troubleshooting Windows Errors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 789
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